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Community Connection - Winter 2009
Community Connection

Volume 2 Issue 4

Health and Public Services Welcome Change

Pinpointed as one of the critical industries for workforce in the nation because of current and predicted shortages, Health and Public Services at Metropolitan Community College (MCC) is an academic area experiencing a lot of growth—around 113 percent. To meet the needs of this growing academic area, planning began in early 2008 to renovate approximately 53,000 square feet of the Mahoney Building on the South Omaha Campus. Today those renovations are complete.
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Color Me Green

MCC is taking the lead in working to improve the environment, better serve the community and reduce operating costs. This year, MCC hired Daniel Lawse as Coordinator of Sustainable Practices. Lawse´s main objective in this new position is to lead a Sustainability Committee overseeing six areas of sustainability at the College—food, energy, water, transportation, curriculum and other.
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Pass to Class Receives A+

A new pilot program, Pass to Class, partners MCC with Metro Area Transit (MAT) to provide quarterly bus passes to MCC credit students. The passes are valid while MCC is in session and can be used to travel to and from MCC locations and for other education-related purposes along established MAT routes. The program is the first of its kind in Omaha and is a great success.
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¿Usted Habla Español?

With a growing Hispanic population throughout the city, Omaha Public Schools (OPS) saw a need for basic Spanish-language training for its teachers and staff. Working with MCC´s Corporate Education & Training Division, administration at OPS pursued the idea of Command Spanish® training.
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MCC: A Real Value to the Community

Metropolitan Community College, Metro Tech, Metro Community College, MCC, whichever name you know the College by, it holds a memory for you. Whether you attended MCC in the past or your children go there now, whether you have attended an event or been the recipient of a service-learning effort, whether you are simply a neighbor to a site or know the College only through others, it is clear to see that MCC is ingrained in the community. A community MCC has been serving for more than 35 years.
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In a Nutshell

MCC serves 35 percent of the community college students in Nebraska.
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Did You Know

Student service-learning projects help MCC connect with the community.
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Robots vs. Avatars

The Information Technology (IT) Program at MCC saw the value in finding courses that appeal to all age groups but especially excite young people to enter the IT field, and the new Introduction to Robotics course was just one. Next came gaming.
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Faculty Profile: Ted Tucker

Computer Programming Technology Instructor.
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Dates to Learn

Important dates for Winter quarter 2009.
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