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Faculty Profile: Ted Tucker

Winter 2009 | Archives

Computer Programming Technology Instructor

Ted Tucker

Vital Stats

Who: Ted Tucker

Academic Program: Information Technology and E-Learning

Classes taught: Introduction to Computer Programming, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Introduction to IBM iSeries, Introduction to Data Center Management, COBOL 1, Programming for Database/Web

Hobbies: Hiking, outdoor activities, spending time with grandchildren

Education: Nebraska Western Community College, University of Nebraska–Kearney and Bellevue University

"I love learning the new stuff and being able to share that with students. With so much new information, I´m learning at the same pace as the students almost. I like watching for the light bulb moment with students, and then I know, ´Finally, they got it.´"

Ted Tucker came to MCC from the corporate world not knowing if he really wanted to be a teacher. Leaving the ´Mr. Tucker´ and the suit and tie behind after the first two weeks, he fell into the rhythm of the friendly, casual atmosphere of MCC and fell in love with the College. That was 27 years ago, and Tucker has never looked back.

Working in the Information Technology (IT) Program has changed significantly during his time here. Tucker was one of three faculty members when he started in 1982, and the department has grown to 23. Where students once worked with large box servers, they now work with small, thin blades. The biggest change of all has come very recently—green data center technology.

IT students In a partnership with IBM, MCC is opening the virtual door to the future with a new green data center program. Using IBM hardware, software and online skills training resources, MCC´s new associate degree helps students gain technical and business skills to prepare for careers in the design and management of energy efficient data centers. Tucker got in on the ground floor of the planning for the data center made possible through IBM´s Academic Initiative. He has participated in the Academic Initiative program and training since its inception, and it was this program that allowed Tucker and the rest of the IT program area to step in a new direction with the green data center.

Projects like these add even more enjoyment to his job. "I really like MCC. MCC does a good job of educating students. It is a big school with a small school feel."

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