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Student Profile: Shelby Brabec

Winter 2011 | Archives

MCC'S Passport Program Hits a Homerun

Shelby Brabec

Vital Stats

Hometown: Mead, Neb.

Academic program: Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer – Associate in Arts

Words of wisdom on Passport: The program allowed me to make a lot of friends, best friends actually, that I never would have met otherwise. I also loved all of my teachers so much that now I take their classes even though I don't need to.

When Shelby started at MCC she was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Would she make friends? Would she receive personalized attention from her instructors? Would she like her classes? After attending MCC for the past year and a half, Shelby can answer all of these questions: YES!

Shelby kicked off her college career by enrolling in MCC's Passport Program, a learning community for students interested in starting at MCC and then transferring to a four-year institution. Shelby joined 25 other students who completed their first academic year of college together, taking three courses each quarter.

Enrolling in the program was a fantastic decision. Shelby formed a network of friends that she would get to know over the next year. They would serve as a support system for homework and studying. "The Passport Program allowed me to make friends I wouldn't have otherwise met," said Shelby. "It helped knowing that I was with other students who were new to college and going through the same things I was."

Shelby chose MCC because it was affordable, convenient and had an awesome photography program. The Passport Program was just icing on the cake. From the advisors to the instructors to the facilities, Shelby raved about MCC. "I absolutely loved all of my teachers. They knew the students by name and were accessible. Both the teachers and the advisors gave fantastic guidance. MCC was such a friendly atmosphere. Plus, the facilities were clean and it was easy to find your way around."

Shelby is currently finishing up her general education requirements with plans to attend a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree in photography.

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