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In a Nutshell

Winter 2011 | Archives

In a Nutshell


Learning communities are found at every type of higher education institution, and most are geared toward first-year students.

Research shows that students in a learning community are more likely to:

  • Perform better academically
  • Stay in school longer
  • Graduate on time
  • Build stronger relationships with classmates and instructors
  • Meet their educational and career goals

Top five reasons to join Passport:

  1. Small class sizes with personalized interaction with the same instructors throughout the year
  2. Dedicated advisor
  3. Instant group of friends
  4. Automatic enrollment in first year of classes; know the schedule for the year in advance
  5. Guaranteed transfer credits to most four-year schools

Where do MCC transfers go?

Students from all areas of MCC can transfer their credits, not just those participating in the Passport program.

  • 3,535 students at UNO currently have MCC credits on their transcript; 1,459 students at UNL have MCC credits
  • Last year ten students transferred to UNK and 96 to UNL.
  • MCC regularly transfers students to Bellevue University, Clarkson College, College of Saint Mary, Midland University, Nebraska Methodist College, Nebraska Wesleyan and others across the United States.

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