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Lead Safe program brings training and healthy communities together

Winter 2012 | Archives

Lead Safe program brings training and healthy communities together

MCC has partnered with the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance to create the Lead Safe and Healthy Homes program, which provides job training in lead safety and residential energy management at little to no cost to the student. This curriculum creates numerous employment pathways and is streamlined to get students working right away.

There is tremendous demand for qualified workers in the Omaha area. Omaha is one of the largest Superfund sites in the country—with nearly 10,000 homes in need of remediation—yet there is a limited labor force capable of handling the work. Additionally, a nationwide push for energy efficiency in residential construction
means savvy homeowners are investing in green construction techniques in order to reduce their carbon footprint and save on monthly utility bills. This curriculum is ideal for students interested in becoming a new construction contractor or a home renovation specialist.

The program’s sponsor, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, is a nonprofit organization committed to creating a safer and healthier Omaha through the elimination of household hazards such as lead, mold, carbon monoxide and radon. To fulfill this mission, OHKA has worked with all levels of government to create and enforce laws, as well as partnered with local school districts to raise awareness among students.
MCC is excited to work with OHKA to deliver the Lead Safe and Healthy Homes program curriculum to local students. The goal is to train a workforce capable of meeting community needs—and ultimately make Omaha a safer and
healthier community.

For more information about the Lead Safe and Healthy Homes program at MCC, contact program coordinator Christopher Swanson at 402-738-4522 or csswanson@mccneb.edu.

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