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For-profit colleges vs. MCC

Winter 2012 | Archives

For-profit colleges vs. MCC

In students’ words: Quality, cost make MCC the smart choice

At MCC, a place for everyone
Megan StormMegan Storm -
Web Development

At MCC, a place for everyone Storm’s take: “At MCC, if I have an issue, I can come in and talk to the instructors. I can pick up the phone and call them during office hours.”

Megan Storm studies web development through MCC’s online program. Storm started out at a four-year school, but when she had her daughter, she joined the workforce. After several years, she decided to go back to school but wanted to do it online.

At first Storm attended a for-profit school. She completed two semesters. “The first couple of weeks were great,” Storm said. “The classes seemed fine, but once I got a couple months into it, I realized I wasn’t getting the education I thought I was paying for. I didn’t feel challenged at all in my classes.”

Both of Storm’s parents attended MCC and went on to have careers in nursing and mechanics. “After doing research, looking at tuition cost and realizing MCC offered an online degree program that fit my schedule, all those factors played into my decision to come to MCC,” Storm said.
“If someone were to ask me my opinion on for-profit colleges versus MCC,” Storm said, “I would definitely recommend MCC. It’s a great school! For families and for single people, for just really anyone, they make it easy to get a good quality education.”

Where credits will transfer
LaChar PerkinsLaChar Perkins - Nursing

Perkins’ take: “What I like most about MCC is the small class sizes; all the teachers are readily available.”

LaChar Perkins is a second-year nursing student at MCC. She likes MCC because she knows her credits will transfer easily. “A major thing is not having your credits transfer; it’s kind of like hitting a brick wall. You have to start all over at a new school, and I didn’t want that for myself. I wanted to be able to come to MCC and get all my core classes done, start my nursing and then be able to transfer to another college for my bachelor’s degree and then go on to get my master’s degree,” Perkins said.

“I would recommend MCC over other colleges. I’ve learned a tremendous amount coming to MCC. There are people that I never thought I would even talk to just passing on the street… it’s wonderful, it’s fantastic, it’s exciting!”

Quality education, without going into debt
James LindseyJames Lindsey - Business
Lindsey’s take: “When I recommend MCC to others, I tell them it’s a
great experience.”

James Lindsey is taking business management classes and will be studying international business marketing. Cost was a major reason why he chose MCC. “The cost for the books and also the cost for the classroom are much more affordable. I have friends that attended for-profit colleges, and what they told me was that their classes were very fast-paced, and it was hard for them to learn, and the cost per credit was very expensive. By the time they graduated, they had a very high debt amount,” Lindsey said. At MCC, Lindsey participates in the work study program, which helps pay for his education and keeps his loans to a minimum.

For Lindsey, MCC’s instructors are a selling point. “Personally, what I believe is special about them is that they really do care. They can get to know you on a one-to-one personal level,” he said.

The best school in the state for culinary arts
Edgar DiezEdgar Diez - Culinary Arts
Diez’ take: “MCC is a good spot to be because it’s an affordable school with a wonderful Culinary Arts program and a wonderful faculty.”

Edgar Diez is from El Salvador in Central America. He came here when he was 18. He is attending MCC because he wants to become a chef. “I chose MCC because my guidance counselor at my high school told me MCC was the best school in the state to become a chef,” Diez said.

“I like the instructors. They have a lot of experience, and they try to teach but at the same time give you advice and be with you in the lab and help you with any questions,” he said.

The freedom to go where you want
Ruben DavilaRuben Davila -
Information Technology

Davila’s take: “With MCC, I can go to UNO, UNL or I can go to Iowa. I can go where I want. It gives you a lot more freedom.”

Ruben Davila separated from the military and was looking for a new career. He initially attended a for-profit school because he wanted to get into electronics and networking, but he decided to go to MCC because he wanted to learn more than just a skill. At MCC, he could move toward a four-year degree. “I was looking at cost, I was looking at convenience and I was looking at job prospects,” Davila said. “It was cheaper and smarter for me to go to MCC and get my two-year degree and transfer than it was to start off new at UNO.”

Davila takes online and traditional classes at MCC. “I was looking for a more holistic education. I was looking through the curriculum for an MCC degree, and I saw humanities…a lot of that stuff is missing from a technical degree, which to me is important,” Davila said. “To me, the MCC degree held more weight.“

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