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MCC Culinary Arts Building Construction

Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha Campus is a neighborhood cornerstone and key employer in North Omaha; improvements to the campus create beneficial and progressive effects that extend beyond the college campus.

The Institute for the Culinary Arts
According to the Greater Omaha Chamber, North Omaha is underserved in terms of quality dining and meeting and conference centers. It lacks a central gathering place for people to gather, learn as a large group and celebrate their accomplishments. The new facility allows MCC’s Institute for the Culinary Arts to train professionals for more than 300 projected new jobs each year.

Construction Updates

March 22, 2010

Update on The Institute for the Culinary Arts:

  • MCC celebrates the grand opening of The Institute for the Culinary Arts.
  • Sage Student Bistro: The public can enjoy student-prepared meals in an elegant setting 6–8:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday when class is in session.  Possibilities on the menu include roasted duck breast, pan-seared salmon or braised short ribs.
  • Environment: Environmentally friendly building practices were used in accordance with LEED certification requirements to create healthier work and living environments. One unique component: An underground tank stores rainwater from the roof to irrigate the surrounding lawn.
  • Demonstration kitchen: A Food Network-style culinary theater allows students to show their skills in front of an audience or for local TV networks.
  • Theory Labs: Two identical labs provide a setting for students to learn the fundamentals of cooking and food preparation.

Oct. 15, 2009

Update on the Institute for the Culinary Arts:

  • All kitchen equipment is installed and ready for testing
  • Carpeting and paint is complete in 95 percent of the building
  • Cabinetry and case goods are 95 percent complete
  • All tile is completed
  • Data and phone lines are installed and being tested
  • All building mechanical systems are installed and being tested
  • All bathrooms are complete
  • Elevators are ready for testing and inspection
  • Copper panels are 85 percent complete on exterior and complete on the interior
  • Acoustic wall panels are being installed in conference area
  • Conference divider walls are installed and being finished

Update on the site work at the new entrance and Institue for the Culinary Arts:

  • All brick columns and brick fence wall are done
  • Wrought iron fencing is being fabricated for installation
  • Bistro Patio brick walls are 50 percent complete
  • Fountain walls are poured and ready for tile
  • Landscaping around new parking has begun
  • Irrigation is about 40 percent done

Update on the historic mule barn renovation (FOC 21):

  • Demolition of parking is complete
  • New parking is about 30 percent done
  • Utilities are about 25 percent done
  • Interior demolition is 80 percent complete

Sept. 1, 2009

Construction on The Institute for the Culinary Arts is moving along with the current progress:

  • Interior framing complete.
  • The drywall is 95 percent complete and ready for paint.
  • Painting has begun throughout the building.
  • The tile work is 95 percent complete.
  • Building systems equipment is installed, and startup is underway.
  • Suspended ceiling installation has begun in more than 60 percent of the building.
  • Roofing is complete, and exterior copper sheathing is being applied.
  • Finish work on plumbing, electrical and data systems is started.
  • Installation of kitchen equipment for the labs and production areas is in progress.
  • All Sorenson Pwky. changes are complete, including the east and west turn lanes onto the campus. This new entrance is not open to the public yet due to heavy construction traffic.
  • Site landscaping and improvements have begun along the Sorenson Pkwy. corridor and new entrance.

Construction completion and move-in scheduled for Nov. 2009, followed by a March 2010 opening.

May 14, 2009

Construction continues on The Institute for the Culinary Arts Building. The current project status is as follows:

  • Building is enclosed with roofing, exterior sub-sheathing and glass completed
  • Interior framing and electrical rough-in is 90 percent complete
  • Interior finish began; drywall and tile installation is 50 percent complete
  • All major mechanical building equipment is installed and being connected
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers are installed and being connected
  • Kitchen hoods and exhausts are being installed
  • Parking lot is 85 percent complete

Dec. 22, 2008

The Institute for Culinary Arts is under full construction, and the following represents the current progress and status:

  • Temporary enclosures are installed around the new building to allow work to progress during the winter.
  • The underground plumbing is 100 percent complete for the first floor in preparation for installation of concrete floors. Underground electrical is 95 percent complete in first floor.
  • Ten percent of the first floor concrete is placed and will continue through January.
  • Steel roof decking is completed on approximately 80 percent of the building.
  • Structural studs are completed on the majority of the building and sub-sheeting is about 75 percent complete.
  • The second floor concrete deck is completed.
  • Aluminum curtainwall components are on site, and installation will begin in January.
  • Interior wall construction will begin on second floor in January.
  • Exterior brickwork is being installed under temporary heat and enclosures and will continue until completion in spring of 2009.
  • Roofing is anticipated to begin in January and continue as weather permits until completion.

Aug. 21, 2008

After a very rainy start to the project we are finally into a full building schedule and the following is the current status of the work.

  • The changes to Sorensen Parkway are about 95 percent complete. The new turning lanes into the campus are completed, traffic signal changes have been completed, and only striping and sidewalks remain to finish. The entrance off Sorensen will NOT open until 2009.
  • The entrance roadbed into the campus is about 75 percent complete.
  • The new storm sewers are about 75 percent complete.
  • Footings for the new building are about 80 percent installed.
  • Structural steel has begun to arrive on site and is being placed for erection that should begin yet this week.
  • Many of the site utilities, including the chilled water lines and electrical supply, are already installed underground.

From this point forward, it will be a race against the weather to get enough of the building erected for winter enclosure so work can continue year-round.

June 5, 2008

Construction is progressing even with the rainy weather of this spring.

  • Demolition complete of existing roads and buildings for new work
  • New storm sewers placed on the west portion of the site, and the utilities subcontractor will move to the eastern portion early the week of June 9
  • All overhead power lines replaced along the south side with new underground lines into the campus
  • The electrical subcontractor is moving and replacing all underground campus loop connectors to new locations to get them out of the new entrance
  • Work has begun for the new westbound turn lane off of Sorensen at 32nd Street into the new campus entrance
  • Footings and foundation walls are being placed for the new equipment enclosure by the Army buildings.
  • Footings are being placed for the building itself when weather conditions permit

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