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Continuing Education Survey

1.    About how many Continuing Education classes have you taken in the past?
    1 - 3
    4 - 6
    7 or more

2.    Which of the following best describes the topic area(s) in which you desire a class or workshop?
        (Choose all that apply)
    Arts and Crafts, Sewing, Needle working
    Communication and Drama
    Dance, Exercise, Sports, and Games
    Food and Spirits
    Home and Garden
    Travel and Tours
    Other (please specify)

3.    About how often do you plan to attend classes?
        (Choose all that apply)
    Twice a month
    Once every three months
    Twice a year
    Once a year

4.    What days are best for you to take classes?
        (Choose all that apply)

5.    What times of the day work best for classes?
        (Choose all that apply)
    Morning (8 - noon)
    Afternoon (1 - 5)
    Evening (after 6)
    Weekend mornings
    Weekend afternoons

6.    About how long do you think individual classes should be?
    1 - 3 hours
    4 - 6 hours
    7+ hours

7.    What topics would you like to see offered?
        (Please be as specific as possible.)

8.    What would be the best way for you to receive updates about our current Continuing Education classes?
        (Choose all that would apply)
    Course catalog that is mailed to my house
    Course catalog mailed to my place of work
    Periodic e-mail updates
    Mailed brochures on topics of interest
    Website updates
    Periodic postcards on topics of interest
    Newspaper advertisements
    Notices posted in businesses and community organizations
    Radio advertisements
    Internet downloads and podcasts

Optional Information

9.In what range does your current age fall?
    1 - 20
    21 - 40
    41 - 60
    61 - 80
    81 and up

10.    Name:
11.    E-mail address:

Thank you for your input about our offerings.

12.    General suggestions to enhance our overall Continuing Education offerings:

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