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Supply List

All Continuing Education class supply lists are available here in PDF format. Check the class schedule to see if the class will be offered this quarter.

You will need to have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader installed to read these documents. If you have any problems downloading or installing the Acrobat Reader, help is available.

Arts & Crafts


ARTC-004N - Beaded ChaCha Bracelet
ARTC-010N - Chain Maille Jewelry: Byzantine Weave
ARTC-032N - Basic Wirework Plain and Wrapped Loops
ARTC-033N - Basic Bead Stringing
ARTC-048N - Wire and Bead Jewelry: Cages, Swirls
ARTC-059N - Wire Wrapped Tumbled Stone
ARTC-061N - Bead and Wire Flower Pin
ARTC-067N - Wire Chain Link Jewelry
ARTC-084N - Painting: Blue Skies
ARTC-086N - Chain Maille Jewelry: Box Chain
ARTC-090N - Beaded Wrapped Leather Bracelet
ARTC-093N - Painting: Winter's Warm Glow
ARTC-172N - Yarn Dyeing Workshop
ARTC-179N - Wirework - Herringbone Weave Bracelet
ARTC-180N - Chain Maille - Round Maille Weave Bracelet
ARTC-182N - Painting: Roadside Barn
ARTC-183N - Wirewrapped Beaded Daisy Ring
ARTC-184N - Chain Maille - Japanese Lace Pendant
ARTC-185N - Painting: Canyon Lake
ARTC-186N - Painting: Rippling Waters
ARTC-193N - Chain Maille - Crystal Double 1x2 Weave
ARTC-194N - Wire & Bead Victorian Pendant
ARTC-231N - Beaded Kumihimo Braid Bracelet
ARTC-232N - Wirework - Viking Knit Jewelry
ARTC-233N - Wirework - Wire Crochet Gemstone Bracelet

ARTC-239N - Chain Maille Pendant Circular Celtic with Crystals

ARTC-240N - Wireweaving Boxed Gemstone Pendant

ARTC-241N - Beadweaving Two-Hole Twin Bead Bracelet

ARTC-267N - Painting: Sunset Aglow
ARTC-280N - Wirework - Make Your Own Findings
ARTC-281N - Chain Maille - Half Persian Weave Bracelet
ARTC-302N - Painting: Watercolor Painting for Beginners
ARTC-311N - Fundamentals of Drawing
ARTC-313N - Acrylic Fundamentals
ARTC-314N - Colored Pencil Basics
ARTC-317N - Caterpillar Bracelet

Sewing Home Improvement
SEWI-021N - Crochet 101: Fundamentals
SEWI-022N - Knitting 101:Introduction
SEWI-023N - Knitting 201:Next Steps
SEWI-027N - Knitting Finishing
SEWI-028N - Introduction: Knitting Socks
SEWI-029N - Crochet 201: Next Steps
SEWI-032N - Knitting: Colorwork Techniques
SEWI-042N - Introduction to Filet Crochet
SEWI-047N - Knitting: Sweater Basics
SEWI-048N - Crochet: Colorwork Techniques
SEWI-051N - Tunisan Crochet
SEWI-056N - Crochet Hair Pin Lace
SEWI-057N - Knitting Lace - Tips and Techniques
SEWI-069N - Crochet Socks: An Introduction
SEWI-071N - Crochet 301 Beyond the Basics
SEWI-072N - Multi-Directional Knitting Techniques
SEWI-073N - Chain Maille Jewelry: European 4 in 1
SEWI-074N - Kumihimo Braiding: An Introduction
SEWI-076N - Knitted Cables: Creative Approaches
SEWI-078N - Knitted Colorwork
SEWI-081N - Knit with Beads
SEWI-082N - Crochet with Beads
SEWI-083N - Crocheted Toe-Up Socks
SEWI-084N - Knitted Toe-Up Socks
SEWI-085N - Crochet Thread Workshop
SEWI-094N - Freeform Crochet
SEWI-095N - Knitted Socks: 2 At A Time
HOMI-093N - Creative Cornices
HOMI-099N - Pillows
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