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Everyday Extraordinaire

Culinary | Horticulture


A class series for the everyday home cook
looking for the next level of extraordinary.


Metropolitan Community College The Institute for the Culinary ArtsThe faculty of the Institute for the Culinary Arts at MCC, as well as other industry professionals, offer classes in basic culinary skills, advanced culinary techniques and culinary specialties. These classes are designed for non-professionals but teach the same time-tested techniques that professionals learn, using both hands-on and demonstration techniques.

All courses are held at the Fort Omaha Campus, Institute for the Culinary Arts, Building 22, Room 210 from 6–9 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Cost: $50 (No Discounts) The classes are limited to 16 students.



Knife Skills | Chef Brian Young
If you want to be a home chef, you need to start at the beginning. Knife
skills are the fundamental building blocks of the culinary arts. You will use
the products you cut to make fresh salsas. (one session)

COOK-100N-70 (synonym 243623) Tuesday 09/08

COOK-100N-71 (synonym 243624) Thursday 09/10



NEW! Trout: Cutting and Cooking | Chef Michael Combs
Fabricate a whole trout and learn to make a few classic dishes from the
filets. (one session)


COOK-163N-70 (synonym 243625) Tuesday 09/15

COOK-163N-71 (synonym 243626) Thursday 09/17



Cuisines - Cajun/Creole | Chef Kevin Newlin
You will learn to prepare the following in this cuisines class: Cajun
mirepoix, chicken and ouille etouffee, shrimp cocktail, cocktail sauce,
raw oysters and oysters Rockefeller. (one session)


COOK-140N-70 (synonym 243627) Tuesday 09/22

COOK-140N-71 (synonym 243628) Thursday 09/24




NEW! Riesling and Food Pairing Studio | Chef Oystein Solberg
An immersion into one of the greatest grapes in the world—Riesling.
Hold-on as the chef and sommelier for the evening discuss, demonstrate
and share the history, food affinity and flavor of this noble varietal.
(one session)

COOK-164N-70 (synonym 243629) *Friday 10/02 $75*



Canning & Preserving II | Chef Michael Combs
This class will focus on safe canning and preserving techniques.
Advanced recipes, such as aigre doux, ketchups and chutneys, and
pressure canning will be included in this hands-on class. (one session)


COOK-161N-70 (synonym 243678) Tuesday 10/06

COOK-161N-71 (synonym 243679) Thursday 10/08



NEW! Chicken: Cutting and Cooking | Chef Kevin Newlin
Start with a whole chicken and finish with dinner. You'll learn the insider's
tips on chicken fabrication and cookery. Everybody gets to cut up their
own chicken! (one session)


COOK-165N-70 (synonym 243630) Tuesday 10/13

COOK-165N-71 (synonym 243631) Thursday 10/15



Cuisines - Chinese Take-Out | Chef Kevin Newlin
This course will introduce students to wok-style cookery and to
commonly available Chinese ingredients. Students will also cook several
popular Chinese take-out dishes. (one session)


COOK-145N-70 (synonym 243632) Tuesday 10/20

COOK-145N-71 (synonym 243633) Thursday 10/22



The Incredible Egg | Chef Michael Combs
When you learn the seven functions of eggs, you will not only be able to
prepare great eggs but also learn cooking methods that apply to many
foods. Prepare classics like eggs benedict, omelets, frittatas and, of
course, the most amazing of sauces—hollandaise. (one session)


COOK-124N-70 (synonym 243634) Tuesday 10/27

COOK-124N-71 (synonym 243635) Thursday 10/29




Pasta Basics | Chef Brian Young
This course focuses on methods for made from scratch pasta: pasta
dough, pasta production and pasta cookery. In addition, you will
produce fresh and flavorful sauces that compliment your fresh pasta.
(one session)

COOK-153N-70 (synonym 243636) Tuesday 11/03

COOK-153N-71 (synonym 243637) Thursday 11/05



Basics of Sauce Making | Chef Brian Young
Students will be introduced to the basic 'mother sauces': tomato,
veloute, bechamel, espagnole and hollandaise. They will learn about roux
and stocks, and learn how to build upon basic sauces, as well as show to
incorporate the sauces into your menu and recipes. This class is limited
to 16 students. (one session)


COOK-138N-70 (synonym 243675) Tuesday 11/10

COOK-138N-71 (synonym 243676) Thursday 11/12




A class series for the everyday gardener
looking for the next level of extraordinary.


Metropolitan Community College Horticulture Land Systems and ManagementThe Horticulture department offers classes in basic skills, advanced techniques and specialty topics in horticulture. The classes are designed for non-professionals but teach the same time-tested techniques that professionals learn, using both hands-on and demonstration methods.

Cost: $50


Aquaponics: Fish, Vegetables and You
GROW-002N-01 (synonym 240931)
June 20
Combining the best advantages of aquaculture and hydroponics, aquaponics uses the nutrient-rich water produced from raising fish to grow thriving plants. Learn how to raise fish for the dinner table or just for fun along with vegetables, greens and herbs in recirculating systems of various sizes and designs. Get an explanation and see demonstrations of concepts and guidelines via a working system featuring tilapia. Get plans and sources of materials necessary to build a moderate-sized (70-150 gal.) aquaponics system at home. The instructor is Michael Kaminski.

To register, call 402-457-5231 or visit the My Way portal.

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