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A class series for the everyday home cook
looking for the next level of extraordinary.


Metropolitan Community College The Institute for the Culinary ArtsThe faculty of the Institute for the Culinary Arts at MCC, as well as other industry professionals, offer classes in basic culinary skills, advanced culinary techniques and culinary specialties. These classes are designed for non-professionals but teach the same time-tested techniques that professionals learn, using both hands-on and demonstration techniques.

Foundation courses teach different culinary skills every quarter and enable you to learn new techniques in each class. Healthy foundation courses teach culinary techniques and how to use fresh ingredients to build a foundation for healthy cooking. Specialty courses teach a specialty to people that understand basic cookery and want to learn something new. Whether it be international, American regional or seasonal, understanding ingredients and techniques unique to the lesson, you will be able to create new and delicious menus at home.

All courses are held at the Fort Omaha Campus, Institute for the Culinary Arts, Building 22, Room 210 from 6–9 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Cost: $50 The classes are limited to 16 students.


Foundation courses

The Basics of Soup Making
COOK-103N-70 (synonym 228979)
Jan. 7
Great soups start with a great stock. Soups may serve as a single-course meal or they may be its centerpiece, rounded out with good bread. Learn to maximize flavor while creating a delicious soup. This class is an introduction to both broth and puréed soups.


Knife Skills
COOK-100N-70 (synonym 228980)
Feb. 11
If you want to be a home chef, you need to start at the beginning. Knife skills are the fundamental building blocks of the culinary arts. Use the products you cut in class to make fresh salsas.


Specialty courses

Chocolates and Truffles
COOK-115N-70 (synonym 228939)
Dec. 17
This exciting class unravels the mysteries of chocolate: from the magic of tempering to the creation of luscious filled truffles.


Cast-Iron Cooking
COOK-125N-70 (synonym 228940)
Jan. 21
Learn time-honored techniques used by generations of chefs and cooks in preparing savory dishes using cast-iron cookware.


Healthy Cooking: Skinny Plate Secrets
COOK-149N-70 (synonym 228941)
Jan. 28
Get cooking tips from a registered dietitian to make fresh, feel-good recipes. Lighten up your favorite comfort foods with new approaches to cooking and ingredients. Take home recipes and tips to cook impressive, fresh foods and slim down your cooking style.


Créme Trio
COOK-124N-70 (synonym 228942)
Feb. 18
Learn some amazing techniques to create three rich desserts, often referred to as the trinity of créme: Italian Panacotta, Latin Flan and French Créme Brulee.


Guest chef series


Professional courses


A class series for the everyday gardener
looking for the next level of extraordinary.


Metropolitan Community College Horticulture Land Systems and ManagementThe Horticulture department offers classes in basic skills, advanced techniques and specialty topics in horticulture. The classes are designed for non-professionals but teach the same time-tested techniques that professionals learn, using both hands-on and demonstration methods.

Cost: $50


Glass, Class and Spring!
GROW-019N-01 (synonym 229063)
Jan. 10, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Elkhorn Valley Campus
Spring flower arrangements are wonderful gifts for family, friends and you. Spring flowers have brilliant colors and wonderful fragrances that balance the beauty of life with the still quiet of winter. Learn the art of designing three glass vase arrangements, the care and the unique characteristic that remind us of the joys of nature yet to come. The instructor is Kevin Smith.


From Germany with Love – Vegetative Design
GROW-020N-01 (synonym 229064)
Jan. 10, 1–4 p.m.
Elkhorn Valley Campus
As we await spring, the catalogs come, and the dreams of gardens and warm weather abound. One of the most unique and natural designs comes from Germany – the vegetative design. Learn the art of one of the most beloved styles of European design. Spring flowers will abound as you create a natural spring garden in a basket container to say, “Let go of winter and bring on the warm weather of spring!” The instructor is Kevin Smith.


Aquaponics: Fish, Vegetables and You
GROW-002N-01 (synonym 228721)
Jan. 17, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Fort Omaha Campus, Building 29
Combining the best advantages of aquaculture and hydroponics, aquaponics uses the nutrient-rich water produced from raising fish to grow thriving plants. Learn how to raise fish for the dinner table or just for fun along with vegetables, greens and herbs in re-circulating systems of various sizes and designs. Get an explanation and see demonstrations of concepts and guidelines via a working system featuring Tilapia. Get plans and sources of materials necessary to build a moderate-sized (70–150 gallon) aquaponics system at home. The instructor is Michael Kaminski.


The Chicken and the Egg
GROW-014N-01 (synonym 228818)
Feb. 21, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Fort Omaha Campus, Building 29
Focus on laying flocks for both city and country dwellers. Although the class is geared toward beginners, those who already have birds could gain from it also. It will include raising chicks, egg production, housing and nutrition and basic diseases.


To register, call 402-457-5231 or visit the My Way portal.

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