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Past Inductees

Class of 2011

Pierre Bossant *Chef, Boys Town

Paul & Gary Epstein *Purveyors, Republic Nation Distributing Company-Falcon Division, formerly known as Nebraska Wine & Spirits

Michael J. Flanagan *Chef, Methodist Hospital - Creighton University                 

Greg Lindberg *Purveyor, Absolutely Fresh Seafood Co., Bailey’s and Shuck’s

Donald L. Losole and Marie Losole *Owners, LoSole Mio Restorante Italiano

Anthony (Tony) J. Piccolo *Owner, Piccolo Pete's Restaurant


Class of 2010

Aristides "Arty" Abariotis *Restaurateur, Spaghetti Works and Mr. Toads

Donald R. Everett *Restaurateur, Runza

Denis J. Hall *Restaurateur, Fernando’s Café & Cantina

Andrea "Andy" Hoig *Friend of Industry, MetroMAGAZINE

Brian O'Malley *Educator,Metropolitan Community College

Stephen H. Simon *Purveyor, Omaha Steaks


Class of 2009

Lawrence S. Albert *Purveyor, Louis Albert & Son Foods Company Single Source, Ltd.

Leo Fascianella *Chef, Pasta Amore

Joseph Patane *Owner, Manager and Director, La Casa Pizzaria

Gary L. Rezac *Purveyor, Pegler Sysco, Lincoln

Mike Simmonds *Owner, Manager and Director, Simmonds Restaurant Management


Class of 2008

Celebration of 15 Years of Success


Class of 2007

Eli Caniglia *Owner, Manager and Director, Venice Inn

Charles "Chuck" Caniglia *Owner, Manager and Director, Venice Inn

Jerry Caniglia *Owner, Manager and Director, Venice Inn

Raymond Cutchall *Owner, Manager and Director, A&W Root Beer Stand

Robert Cutchall *Owner, Manager and Director, A&W Root Beer Stand

Richard "Rick" Fox *Owner, Manager and Director, Julio's Restaurants

Paul Goebel *Chef, New Tower Hotel

Robert Tim Peffer *Owner, Manager and Director, Sgt. Peffers Cafe Italian


Class of 2006

Dennis Deporte *Purveyors, Ark-Sar-Ben Beef Company

Louis S. Gorat *Owner, Manager and Director, Gorats Steak House

Louis N. Gorat *Owner, Manager and Director, Gorats Steak House

Dean Rasmussen *Owner, Manager and Director, Grandmother's

Ron Samuelson *Owner, Manager and Director, M's Pub and Vivace


Class of 2005

Salvatore Bonofede *Owner, Manager and Director, Salvatore's Restorante

Fayrene L. Hamouz *Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Samuel B. Marvin *Owner, Manager and Director, Barnrds International

Don Pegler Jr. *Purveyor, Pegler/Sysco Food Services Company, Lincoln

Fred Simon *Purveyor, Omaha Steaks


Class of 2004

Jere M. Ferrazzo *Educator, Douglas County Health Department

John J. Kawa *Owner, Manager and Director, Johnny's Cafe

Robert E. Miller *Purveyor, Pegler Sysco

Thomas "Tommy" Shaw *Chef, Methodist Hospital


Class of 2003

John A. Chrisholm *Owner, Manager and Director, Rigel Corporation

Patti Craig *Friend of the Industry, Professional Community Volunteer

Cyril "CV" Tworek *Owner, Manager and Director, Boys Town

Arturo Valenzuela *Chef, Omaha Club


Class of 2002

Louis Albert *Purveyor, Albert Salad Dressing

Jack D. Churchill *Owner, Manager and Director, Churchill's

Alfred Hiltbrunner *Chef, Cafe de Paris

Ruth Herman Nielsen *Special Classification, Omaha Public Schools

Jane Palmer *Special Classification, Omaha World-Herald


Class of 2001

Harold Epstein *Purveyor, Nebraska Wine and Spirits

Mark Hoch *Chef, Jam's

Yvonne Nettelmann *Educator, Metropolitan Community College

Harold J. Norman *Special Classification, Omaha Livestock Market

William Theisen *Owner, Manager and Director, Godfather's Pizza


Class of 2000

Tom Schrack, Sr. *Purveyor, Hockenbergs

Erwin F. Siegler *Chef, Siegler Catering

Malcom "Mac" E. Thompson *Owner, Manager and Director, Neon Goose (now Taxi's)

Jim Trebbien *Educator, Metropolitan Community College


Class of 1999

Mary J. Andersen *Educator, Omaha Public Schools

Josephus "Joe" Howard *Chef, Kiewit Plaza Club

Frank Kawa *Owner, Manager and Director, Johnny's Cafe

Louis J. Rotella Sr. *Purveyor, Rotella's Italian Bakery


Class of 1998

Patricia Cropper Espeland *Educator, University of Nebraska-Omaha

Sam Epstein *Purveyor, Nogg Fruit Company

Walter Hecht *Chef, Vienna Cafe

George Payne *Owner, Manager and Director, Virginia Cafe


Class of 1997

Joseph, Samuel and Carl Ancona *Purveyors, Ancona Bros.

David Bernabo *Chef, Fontenelle Hotel

Frank B. Blazek *Owner, Manager and Director, New Tower Hotel

Michael Milone *Educator, University of Nebraska-Omaha


Class of 1996

George H. Abraham *Owner, Manager and Director, Abraham Catering

Edward T. Schimmel *Owner, Manager and Director, Blackstone Hotel

Paul Steuri *Chef, United Airlines

James J. Werner *Purveyor, Werner Foods


Class of 1995

Ada M. Brookover *Educator

Herman Cain *Owner, Manager and Director, Godfather's Pizza

Vincent S. Finocchiaro *Purveyor, Finocchiaro Wine Company

Arthur S. Kulakofsky *Purveyor, Ak-Sar-Ben Beef Company

Ross S. Lorello *Owner, Manager and Director, Ross's Steak House

Hubert Piechota *Chef, Hilltop Restaurant

Louis J. Turco *Chef, Lamplighter

Joseph A. Villella *Educator, Boys Town Culinary Arts Program


Class of 1994

Ruth Brink *Owner, Manager and Director, Kilpatricks Department Store

Caroline G. Butler *Owner, Manager and Director, Various Food Businesses

Lionel Have *Chef, Omaha Country Club

Joseph T. Incontro *Chef, Chieftain Hotel

Raymond C. Matson *Owner, Manager and Director, Hilltop Restaurant

Lloyd E. Skinner *Purveyor, Skinner Macaroni Company

Jay Stoller *Purveyor, Pacific Fish Co.

Merle Swanson *Owner, Manager and Director, Swanson Food Corporation


Class of 1993

Sid C. Abraham *Purveyor, Midwest Distribution Center

Richard A. Bolamperti *Chef, Cantonie's Restaurant

Albert Buda *Chef, Blackstone Hotel

Alfred F. Cascio *Owner, Manager and Director, Cascio's Steak Houe

Justin Dierks *Educator, Douglas County Health Department

Majorie Foster *Owner, Manager and Director, Omaha Public Schools

Paul Marchio *Owner, Manager and Director, Marchio's

Alan Simon *Purveyor, Omaha Steaks






































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