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fileted fish

Use a small, flexible knife. Start behind one fin and following the gills down, cut. Repeat on the other side. Cut the head off.

Place your knife on the top side of the spine and start cutting through the bones. Cut as close to the spine as possible without cutting through it. Follow the spine in long strokes all the way down to the tail. Repeat on the other side. This removes the entire back bone.

Working with one filet, start with the cage and go in between the flesh and the bones. Follow the bones down to the belly. Trim the whole belly part off (mostly fat, not much meat). Trim off the fat and cartilage from the top of the filet. Rub your knife perpendicular to the filet down the length of it to stand the bones up and make them more visible. Use a pair of small pliers and pull the individual bones out. These run about two-thirds the length of the filet. Repeat with the other filet.

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