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Rack of lamb

Servings: 4–5
8 bone rack of lamb
2 Tbsp. vegetable oil

rack of lamb Clean up the fat cap that lies over the meat (or ask your butcher to do this at time of purchase). Make sure the bones are really clean. Take knife and score the remaining fat cap in horizontal lines at a right angle making a diamond pattern.

Add vegetable oil to a hot pan. Salt and pepper lamb rack. Add to pan meat side down and add a little bit of weight. Lightly sear. Remove from pan and set aside.

Begin the lamb sauce recipe and place rack of lamb on top of vegetables. Roast in a 425° conventional oven (350° convection oven) until the meat reaches 125–130° (about 20 minutes; use a thermometer). Halfway into the cooking, add rub onto the meat side of the rack. (Tip: Look on the back side of the rack for the meat right around the bones to be slightly gray.) Remove from oven and place meat aside to rest for about a third of the time it took to cook the meat.

Slice the rack using the bones as a guide. Cut straight down between the bones with long cuts. Cut just enough for the initial serving reserving the remainder on the rack to hold the temperature for longer.

Plate family-style starting with mash on the plate. Add turnips and peas. Top with lamb. Ladle sauce over the reserved rack and vegetables. Do not sauce over sliced surface of red meats; it will cause the meat to gray out and look overcooked.

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