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Community Engagement

Community Engagement at MCC

Community Engagement supports outreach efforts at MCC including Community Based Education, AmeriCorps, and Volunteer Services. The mission of MCC’s Community Engagement department is to help support, provide, and/or coordinate meaningful community engagement learning opportunities. We know we can and will S.E.E. positive results at MCC and in our community by:

  • Supporting all community engagement activities that take place in and out of the classroom at MCC everyday
  • Equipping faculty, staff, and students with tools and resources that promote meaningful learning opportunities
  • Empowering everyone at MCC with the knowledge and reality that each of us can make a difference


Why is Community Engagement Important?


A Promising Connection (Campus Compact, 2010) illustrates that when looking at student retention and service learning courses compared to non-service learning courses, those students involved in service learning scored higher on all five measures of student engagement (retention, academic challenge, academic engagement, interpersonal engagement, and community engagement).  Furthermore, the higher intensity of service learning in the course, the higher the student scores in each area. 


In the fall of 2012-13 nearly 26% of MCC’s students were minorities (MCC Institutional Research).  A Promising Connection also states that, “Nearly 90% of American Indian, Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino students said that they are more likely to complete a college degree after participating in service learning.”  Service Learning helps students identify why college is important to their career field by placing them in real-life situations where their education is required.  Additionally, in 2013 the Center for National and Community Service (CNCS) found that volunteering is associated with 27% higher odds of employment. 





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