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Bicycle Workshops

Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

Learning to fix your bicycle - from patching a flat to building a new bike from its component parts - can be very gratifying and liberating. It can save you money and may even land you a job at a local bike store. The Community Bike Project Omaha (CBPO) offers a set of 12, two-hour classes at the Community Bike Shop in Gifford Park that will include both instruction time and hands-on practice in every lesson. Bring your own bike or the Community Bike Shop will have parts to work on. Students who complete all 12 classes will receive a Completion Award from MCC and the CBPO.


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Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

Tires and Tubes

Learn how to fix a flat and how to avoid getting one in the first place. Identify and understand the difference between the large variety of tires and tubes that go on bicycles and learn how to choose the best combination for the situation. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-025N

Pedals, Saddles, Seatposts, Handlebars

The human body normally only contacts the bicycle at three places: the handlebars, the pedals and the seat. Knowing the right components at these critical points, how to adjust them and how to make the bicycle fit is the difference between comfort and pain or even injury. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-026N


Squealing, rubbing and ineffective brakes are a common problem and can be dangerous. Learn how to set up and adjust brakes properly whether they are rim or drum, side-pull, center-pull, cantilever or v-brake. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-027N

Freewheels and Cassettes

Whether you have a freewheel or cassette, that hunk of cogs on the rear wheel allows you to shift gears and coast. Like many things in life, they need attention, some care and eventually replacement. Learn how to tell the difference and how to fix them appropriately. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-028N


Shifting is usually one of the more mysterious aspects of a bicycle: Why doesn't my bike shift right? What's all that noise? Why does my chain keep falling off? Never fear! All your questions about shifting and derailleurs will be answered in this class. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-029N

Chains and Chainrings

How do you take care of your bike's chain? Should it be wet or dry? Greasy? How do you know when your chain is worn out and needs replacing? And what is a chainring anyways? With few exceptions, all of our bikes have chains and chainrings that make them go, and without them, we're pretty much stuck to going downhill. Come learn how to take care of these vital components, how to tell when they need replacing, and what to do when the time has come. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-030N

Hubs and Quick-Releases

Hubs are more than just the center part of your bicycle wheels--they're how your bike rolls and, without them, you're not going anywhere. Learn how to maintain and fix your hubs, the proper adjustment of quick releases, and why it's all so important. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-031N


Don't be soft in the headset. Loose, worn, or improperly adjusted headsets can affect steering, cause unnecessary wear and tear on your bike, and be downright dangerous. We'll teach you about the different kinds of headsets, how they work, how to know when they need some loving care, and how to fix them. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-012N

Cranks and Bottom Brackets

Cranky cranks and busted bottom brackets make pedaling difficult, if not impossible. They also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your bicycle. Learn the tell-tale signs that your cranks and bottom brackets need some attention and how to fix them, whether your bottom brackets are sealed or cups & bearings, and whether your cranks are splined or cottered. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-011N


Wheels wobble, even if they don't often fall down. Learn how to straighten your wheels, the importance of dishing and proper spoke tension, and even how to build a new bicycle wheel and why you'd want to. Learn how to build a 3-cross, 2-cross, or radial spoke wheel and the advantages and disadvantages of each. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-014N


If you want to learn how to fix hardtail fork shocks or full-suspension bikes, then this is the class for you. Working on cable-actuated or hydraulic suspension systems can be a tricky business, but we'll sort things out and get you on the right path. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-013N


Like bones in your body, the frame keeps the bicycle from being a simple pile of parts. Bicycle frames need to be properly sized for a comfortable fit and then maintained and monitored for a safe and dependable ride. Learn how to measure and size a bicycle, how to determine if a frame is bent, and the difference between an unsightly dent and a disaster waiting to happen. (one session)
Course Number: SPRT-015N

Bike Maintenance and Repair Series

This course includes all courses listed above. Save money and sign up for all workshops at once. The number of sessions offered each quarter will vary so consult the registration page for more information.
Course Number: Varies by quarter

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