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What is "'Te@m" teacher Education? (EDUC)'

The Teacher Education at Metro (TE@M) learning community gives students the opportunity to explore teaching as a profession. Through a partnership formed with the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), Metro offers three Professional Core Requirement education courses to start you toward your goal of earning a bachelor's degree in Education.

Is it for you?

Taking these courses is an economical way to determine if an education career is the path for you. You will be able to spend time observing classes in five areas: pre-school, elementary school, junior and senior high school and special education

Jobs and Salary Expectations

Annual Salary from $16,200 - $63,600.00 annually


Metropolitan Community College is a member of the
National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs
NACCTEP nacctep.riosalado.edu

Program Faculty

  • Nancy Conrad, B.A., M.A. (Program Coordinator)
  • Kathy Halverson-Rigatuso, B.A., M.S.
  • Mary Ball
  • Jessica Kunz
  • Carrie Dyer

Program Descriptions

Te@m Courses transfer to UNO

  • EDUC 2020 Education Foundations
  • EDUC 2030 Human relations in Education
  • EDUC 2010 Human Growth and Learning

Transfers to other institutions

  • EDUC 1110 Introduction to Professional Education
  • EDUC 1700 Professional Practicum
  • EDUC 2000 Educational Psychology
  • EDCU 2020 Education Foundations
  • EDUC 2010 Human Growth and Learning
  • EDUC 2590 Instructional Technology

Refer to the MCC "Articulation/Transfer" web page http://www.mccneb.edu/articulation for guides to specific schools and how these courses transfer.


Praxis Tutorial (PPST)

  • EDUC 0090 Math Praxis Tutorial
  • EDUC 0091 Reading Praxis Tutorial
  • EDUC 0092 Writing Praxis Tutorial



Credit Classes and Registration

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