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Team Award

Nominations for the next Team Award are due Friday, November 21, 2014

Please email your nomination to Kay Friesen

Specifically address in the nomination:
1. The reason you have nominated this team for the award.
2. Address how the team specifically meets the criteria of the award. Include specific examples for each criteria.




The Team Award is the recognition of a group of employees who have worked together on a task, activity or project that is common to all members.  The TEAM Award is intended to recognize a unique task, activity, or project that is not part of routine and assigned responsibilities that impact the overall mission of the College.  The focus is not necessarily on the final outcome but the journey.




  • Teams are made up of core members who had significant involvement in the task, activity or project (recommended size between 3 and 15 individuals). Nominators should nominate only those key employees with direct involvement in the task, activity or project.
  • Teams can be departmental or cross-departmental.
  • Teams may consist of part-time or full-time staff and/or faculty.





Demonstrates honest and respectful relationships among members.



Displays an open and cooperative mindset and work ethic to benefit the group as a whole.



Displays a willingness to work with others to reach a common goal.


Takes responsibility and ownership for decisions, actions, and results. Accountable for both how and what is accomplished.



Committed to the overall team objectives rather than own interests.



Demonstrates energy and commitment to improving results. Takes initiatives often involving calculated risks while considering the common good.





Decisions are based on information provided by the nominators.  


An initial screening process will review all nominations submitted based on Selection Criteria, ranking each nomination on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest.


After nominations have been reviewed and ranked, all nominations will be forwarded to the College President for final consideration and selection.


One team will be recognized annually at a designated College activity.


Selection is based solely on merit. The most deserving nominee will be selected.





$50 gift card awarded to each team member of the selected team.


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