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Faculty Ex Officio



An election for the Faculty Ex Officio member of the Board of Governors was held on Monday, November 12, 2012 and Gary Sparks, Information Technology Instructor, was elected to a two-year term.  Mr. Sparks will begin his term as the newly-elected Faculty Ex Officio in December.

A special word of thanks to Steve Lovett, the outgoing Faculty Ex Officio, for his service to the Board of Governors during the past two years.


The Board of Governors created the Faculty Ex Officio position as a way to enhance the flow of communication and information among faculty, the Board of Governors, and the college administration.

The Faculty Ex Officio is a faculty representative on the MCC Board of Governors. This individual provides updates at the monthly board meetings regarding faculty interests and issues. The Faculty Ex Officio is an elected position with a two-year term of office ending November 30 in the relevant even-numbered year. To be eligible, a faculty member must hold a full-time, regular faculty position and be willing to commit to a two-year term of office.



If you have questions about the election or any of the election procedures, please contact Maureen Moeglin, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, via telephone (402/457-2236) or email (mmoeglin@mccneb.edu ).


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