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Vow of Silence

Art/Experimental College/Amateur


Vow of Silence (Redler, Metropolitan Community College)

“Vow of Silence” is an experimental art piece. It shows a beautiful woman on her
wedding day in her wedding dress. It opens on the steps of a church with the woman
on her knees. She walks away from her wedding and goes into the cemetery behind
her church, and as she walks, the memories of getting ready for the big day flash
through her head. She falls to her knees and covers herself with her dress. The
wedding dress symbolizes a cocoon. She emerges from her cocoon as a punk rock
bad fairy, symbolizing metamorphosis and change — leaving the ideal of what one
is supposed to be and emerging as her true self. The piece is left deliberately silent,
with no music or dialogue, so that the images draw the viewer in and demand focus
on the piece itself.

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