Request to Purchase Software Instructions

Purpose: To request the purchase of software for college-owned equipment.


General:  These guidelines must be followed to ensure that the coordination with necessary offices and the required documents are completed.


The requester is responsible for completing and submitting this form.  (After submitting the form, please allow 1 to 3 weeks for a determination to be made).



  1. Determine the functions, features, or capabilities the software needs to be able to perform or provide

  2. Determine if a software program exists that meets the requirements you specified above

  3. Determine the minimum hardware and software requirements needed to run this software

  4. Determine if software is Client/Server-based, and if it is what are minimum hardware and software requirements to run on the server

  5. Determine how many computers need to have this software installed

  6. Determine what kind of software license is needed, single, site, or college-wide

  7. Obtain approval from your Cost Center Manager before submitting the Request to Purchase Software

  8. Make a copy of the confirmation page for your records

  9. Approval to purchase software does not guarantee the software is compatible with the College’s hardware and software, especially in the Technology rooms and DED computers. Regardless of where you intend to install the software, the Software Review Group recommends that requestors acquire a trial, demo, or evaluation copy of the software from the vendor, install the demo software, and test it. If assistance with the installation of the demo software is needed, please contact Information Technology Services (457-2900).

    Note: If the software will be used in a Technology room or DED room, contact the Multimedia Computer Technician (738-4781) in Instructional Design Services. Do not attempt to install the demo software. Instead, forward the demo software and arrange for its testing and evaluation with Instructional Design Services by hand delivering or sending the demo software through the intercampus mail to IDS at SOC MAH, Attention “Multimedia Computer Technician.”

Cost Center Manager:

  1. Determine if you agree with this request to purchase software

  2. Determine if funds are available to cover the cost of the requested software

  3. Give the requester your approval to submit the Request to Purchase Software

Information Technology Services Responsibilities:

  1. Review the request

  2. Gather any other information needed

  3. Determine if any standard software can provide or perform the needed functions, features, or capabilities

  4. If not, determine if other requests for the same software can be consolidated into a single purchase to reduce total cost

  5. Communicate findings to the Software Review Committee

Software Review Committee Responsibilities: 

  1. Review the information gathered and decide whether to approve or disapprove the software purchase request

  2. Communicate the decision to the requester