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Giving Opportunities

When you want to turn your passion into action, MCC can help you make an immediate and lasting impact. If you care deeply about a cause or community need, chances are, MCC is doing something about it. Here are some ways we can work together.

Support Students Today
An annual scholarship can be set up to immediately benefit students. Named scholarships run for set periods of time and for the program of your choosing. A good place to start is with at least $250 per award for four years, which goes a long way at MCC.

Support Students Ongoing
Endowed scholarships allow you to invest in students today – and continue to give far into the future. For example, you can take up to five years to fund a $10,000 endowed scholarship. Once complete, the award will help a student cover about a quarter’s worth of classes each and every year thereafter.

Dual Credit
When high schools offer MCC courses, we keep the tuition affordable so as many students can participate as possible. Your support will make sure financial need doesn’t stand in the way of any student who wants to get a head start on college while they’re still in high school.

Other Student Support
MCC students tend to wear a lot of hats – employee, parent, student, to name a few. Sometimes it’s the other costs of living outside of tuition and fees that present barriers to completing their degrees. Your gift can help fund emergency support to keep students in school, or help pay for housing, transportation, books, uniforms or classroom supplies.

Please call the MCC Foundation or see our scholarship section for more information.

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Academic Program Growth
With more than 100 academic programs at eight college locations, opportunities for MCC students are limitless. Your support can ensure our programs stay current with today’s ever-changing workforce needs.

Leadership Development
MCC leadership training helps students succeed in the 21st century workforce. A few examples:

SkillsUSA — state and national career competitions where MCC teams excel
Phi Theta Kappa — MCC’s distinguished international honor society
Service-learning — hands-on projects merge classroom instruction with community service

Events, seminars, project supplies and travel support for national competitions are just a few ways your generous gift can help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Professional development
The jobs of tomorrow don’t look like jobs today. To make sure MCC instruction keeps pace, our faculty complete a wide variety of professional development opportunities, like conferences, workshops and return-to-industry weeks at local businesses. Your support will help instructors stay current and prepare students for the modern workforce.

Technology investments
Always changing, technology undergirds everything we do. MCC is a leader in online learning, which allows busy students to attend class through their computers. But constant upgrades and training can tax diminishing resources. Your support can help us keep pace with technology changes and make sure all MCC students can integrate technology into their learning and lives.

Endowed Chairs
When you support a faculty position long-term, you assure program growth, provide financial stability, and promote flexibility in instruction. There’s no better way to help MCC recruit highly qualified instructors in dynamic career fields.

College for Kids and College for Teens
Every summer MCC mixes fun and learning with weeklong programs for kids from 3 to 14. With fun-filled sessions like Crazy Chemical Concoctions and Insect Extravaganza, MCC gives youngsters a taste of college and a sense of accomplishment. Your support can provide scholarships for families with financial need and fund new-fangled learning gadgets to help kids learn the fun way.

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Great Plains Theatre Conference
Since 2006, the Great Plains Theatre Conference has helped develop hundreds of new American plays, provided workshops and training with the country's great theatre artists, built a vibrant community of local and national theatre artists, and created an annual theatre festival with work from the nation's best playwrights. Annual giving and specific program needs are listed on the conference website.

Public Art
Quality learning environments impact educational outcomes. MCC enriches our learning spaces with public art that is made with, inspired by, and designed for our students. Your donations will help us acquire new works and support collaborative projects between community artists and students.

MCC Gallery of Art and Design
A live learning lab for students in the commercial and creative arts, the gallery at the Elkhorn Valley Campus welcomes visitors to view our talent, our process, and our work. Featured artists from around the region and country have regular showings each academic year. Your gift will support gallery operations, shows and offer awards at the annual student art show.

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MCC Express
For nearly 50,000 adults in our region, a high school diploma is an unrealized dream. But most family sustaining jobs require at least some post-high school training. Bridging that gap is the mission of MCC Express, which brings adult education, GED instruction and testing, and English learner classes to neighborhoods, along with dynamic workforce training.

Gateway to College
When the high school environment doesn’t work for students, Gateway to College gives a way to start fresh on a college campus. Students take classes on the Fort Omaha Campus and earn credit for both high school and college coursework. Students graduate from the program when they complete their high school diploma. Through college-level coursework, expectations, and opportunities, Gateway students get the full college experience, and the satisfaction of knowing they can finish their degrees.

Veterans Services
MCC supports military service members, veterans and their families as they pursue their academic and career goals by easing the transition from military to college life, providing military specific advising and career planning, connecting military and veteran students with one another and with community supports. Book scholarships, special programs, and advising are some of the ways your gift can help.

Disability Support Services
Our Disability Support Services program values students on the basis of ability, not disability. Your gift can help us enhance accommodations and assistive technologies to advance student success.

MCC Cares
Each year MCC’s construction trades programs team up with local human service providers to complete repair projects in the community. Dozens of elderly residents are now able to remain in their own homes, due to repairs made by MCC Cares students. Your donation pays for building materials and supplies.

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Sustainable operations and landscaping
“Learning How. Teaching Others.” That’s how MCC works to meet today’s needs and ensure our children have the resources they need for generations to come. Credit classes and community workshops, renewable landscaping, and recycling programs would all benefit from your support.

Learn moresustainability

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MCC enriches its curriculum and our daily lives through diverse educational activities. Here are just a few examples:

  • Intertribal Powwow
  • International Fair
  • Diversity Matters Film and Lecture Series
  • Diversity Matters Book Series

Your support allows us to bring these rich opportunities to the community free of charge.

Study Abroad
Globalization impacts nearly every facet of life these days, making intercultural education more important than ever. Studying abroad offers unmatched learning opportunities and makes the world a smaller place for all of us.  Your support helps students pay for travel costs and enables MCC to set up significant partnerships with institutions outside the United States.

Institute for Cultural Connections
The Institute for Cultural Connections is a student centered, faculty driven initiative to connect education, culture and our community. Inspirational faculty members bring culture to the classroom and take the classroom into the community. Your support helps cover admission fees, local travel, and other costs for these culturally enriching programs and projects.

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The MCCF Inspiring Innovation Fund spurs year-round innovation and advances student success through an internal competitive mini-grant process for faculty and staff. Grants up to $3,000 are awarded to quality, sustainable projects that can be completed within one academic year. Your gift to the Inspiring Innovation fund could be the difference between a good idea and a great finished project. A few examples:

  • Blue Sky Fund - as rigorous competition culminating in small start-up grants for emerging entrepreneurs
  • Tales of Poe - a one-month partnership with the Joslyn Castle Trust with MCC student performers exploring the life and work of Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Math Assessment Tool - a unique measuring aid that can be used in math, art, capentry and other classes. Made by, for, and with MCC students.

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