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MCC recognizes your contributions.

When MCC employees invest in student success through the MCC Foundation, lives are transformed and futures are built.

As an honor society for employee donors, MCC1200 honors those who have given of their time, talent, and treasure.

(Why 1200, you ask? The value of MCC in Roman numerals is 1200.)


How do I become a part of MCC1200?

Two simple ways...
First...If you are among the MCC employees who give to the annual faculty and staff campaign, and all of your annual gifts combined total $1,200 or more, you will be honored as a sustaining member with an MCC 1200 lapel pin. From now on, those who reach this prestigious level of giving with their annual donations will be inducted each year.

Example 1: You started working at MCC in 1998 and have given $5 per pay period ever since then, so your gift to students through the MCC Foundation now totals $1,680. You will be recognized as a sustaining member.

Example 2: You started working at MCC in 2008 and have donated $200 every year since then. That is a total gift of $1,000 so far. When you renew your annual gift this year, you will be recognized as a sustaining member.

Or...If you are among the MCC employees who give at the $1,200 level or above each year, you will be recognized with an MCC 1200 annual member lapel pin.

Do I need to Enroll?

Your gift to the faculty and staff campaign will do the enrolling for you. As you select your contribution amount for this year, please consider joining MCC 1200 as either a sustaining member or an annual member. As a donor to the MCC Foundation, you know your gift is more than just about helping students pay for tuition or books. You are helping students transform their lives and change the course of their families for generations.

Thank you for your sustained and powerful support.

Lynn Bradman
Melinda Classen*
Patricia Crisler
Amy Forss
James Grotrian
David Ho
Katherine Stover Holian
Margaret Johnson
Melissa Marvin
Heath Mello
Sheila O'Connor
Arthur Rich
Randy Schmailzl
Lynn Smith
Jodie Snider
Carita Sommer
James Trebbien
Neil Volker*
Josephine Wandel
Idalene Williams, Ph.D.*

*Previously MCC1200 Sustaining members

To make changes to your name please email


Sheryl Agner
Jackie Almquist
Robert Baker
Daniel Bartek
Ingrid Berlin
Ayanna Boykins
Elizabeth Brewer
Jeffrey Brown
Shanda Clark
Susan Clark
Melinda Classen
James Cloyd
Connie Eichhorn
Debra Eppenbaugh
Jennifer Fauchier
Jane Franklin
David Friend
Mick Gahan
Lawrence Gawel
Paul Goebel
Cynthia Gooch
Carol Gottuso
George Grigas
Robert Gronstal
Steve Hall
Richard Hanneman
Daryl Hansen
Todd Hansen
Michelle Heard
Lyle Hendrickson
Wilma Hjellum
Stan Horrell
David Horst
Gordon Jensen
Joe Jerdon
Kenneth Jones
Arlene Jordan
Timothy Kelly
Diana Kerwin-Kubr
Dennis Kingery
David Koebel
Frank Kompare
Julie Langholdt
Robert Maass
Melvin Mays
Thomas McDonnell
John Miller
Linda Milton
Bradley Morrison
James Mulkerrin
Edward Napravnik
Brian O'Malley
Bill Owen
Clifton Pee

Pamela Perry
Bobby Polk
Teri Quick
Susan Raftery
Mary Rezac
Kathryn Rigatuso
Peggy Ritschel
Monty Rodgers
Karen Rodgers
Thomas Ronsick
Richard Sandvig
Albertha Schmid
Bernard Sedlacek
Gordon Sims
Patricia Smith
Shannon Snow
Peggy Swanson
Susan Trinkle
Kathy J. Trotter
Mary Umberger
Barbara Velazquez
Neil Volker
Jo Anne Whitmyre
Idalene Williams, Ph.D
Horace Williams
James O. Wolfe

To make changes to your name please email