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Stars Online Frequently Asked Questions

Students before starting your Stars Online profile and applying for scholarships, please read through these helpful tips.

Students will need to:

  • Fill-out all required fields to the best of your ability.
  • Supply a user name, valid email address and a MCC ID #, (this is NOT your Social Security Number)
  • Submit electronic documents in pdf format. If required documents aren't submitted, your application can't be reviewed. For detailed instructions download the Stars Online Users Guide.
    • Current/Returning students - PDF copies of your Unofficial Transcript. You will find this report in your MyWay Portal.
    • New students - PDF of either your GED scores or and unofficial high school transcript.
  • Complete short-answer essays.
  • Be in good academic standing at MCC.
  • Fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. Some scholarships require students to show financial need.
    • Consult the Financial Aid Office at your campus for more information.

Important Note: Students who apply for scholarships for which they are not eligible will be disqualified from all scholarship applications.

Here are a few frequently asked questions. To view the downloadable Stars Online Users Guide click here.

  1. What is my Student ID and how do I find it?
    • Your student ID is your 7 digit MCC ID #. You can find this on your class schedule.
  2. What is my Student Type and Degree Type?
    • Current/New Student - attending MCC next quarter
    • Dual Enrollment - high school students taking college courses that give high school credit, too.
    • Currently in High School - taking MCC classes, but not getting high school credit for them.
    • Degree Type - Pick the degree that is listed on your “MyWAy Portal”.
  3. Academic Information
    • Program Major - If your major is not listed in Stars Online, please contact Lisa Stepanek at to report it. Your major will populate based on what degree you selected on the student profile wizard's opening questionnaire tab.
    • Exp. Graduation Date - if you are a first time student, your expected graduation date would be 2 years from your start date. This is just an estimated date.
    • GPA - This is based on what your current MCC cumulative GPA is. If you are a first time student, then you would input 0.00 as your GPA. If you have a scanned copy of your high school transcripts that you can upload, you can input your high school GPA.
    • Earned credits - these are your earned credits at MCC.
  4. Financial Need
    • Financial Need - Scholarships based on financial need require a completed FAFSA on file with the MCC Financial Aid office.
  5. Free Form Essay Questions
    • Take your time and do your best. Essays are scored based on spelling, grammar and content.
  6. Attach Documents
  7. Recommended Scholarships
    • How to Apply? Stars Online will recommend scholarships based on your answers in the previous sections. Each scholarship will have an Apply Now button on the right side. For detailed instructions download the Stars Online Users Guide.