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Visit MCC

Visit MCC
MCC Locations

Welcome to Metropolitan Community College! We look forward to meeting you and highlighting our programs and the opportunities that await you! We have seven locations in our service area. When selecting a location for your tour that meets your academic needs, please consider that not all programs are at all locations. Refer to our program grid for specifics.


Tours 101

MCC offers both group and individual tours. Start your planning here.


What you'll see

Each location at MCC has a different tour schedule and opportunities. Before requesting a tour, take a moment to see what each location has to offer before deciding where you would like to go.


Optimize your experience

For the best experience possible, we have a few simple guidelines for students and chaperones.


Preparing for the day of the tour

Both before the tour and on the day of, there are a few things you will need to remember to take care of. From arrival time to appropriate attire, here are a few tips to get you prepared.


Now you're ready to sign up for a tour!