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Tuition Per Credit Hour

Costs for MCC Credit Classes (Starting with the 15/FA quarter)

Nebraska Residents
Standard tuition $56.00/credit hr.
Persons 62 years of age or older $28.00/credit hr.
CollegeNOW! high school students $28.00/credit hr.
Non-Nebraska Residents (including International Students)
Standard tuition $84.00/credit hr.
Persons 62 years of age or older $42.00/credit hr.
Facility Fee $5 per credit hour
Graduation application Student will pay for cap and gown purchase if attending graduation ceremony.

The College tuition rate is subject to change without prior notice by and at the discretion of the Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors.

Refund Policy Effective 15/FA Quarter

NOTE:  Refunds vary based on the start date of the course and the date that the class is dropped. Please check the tuition refund modeler to see what your refund would be through the end of today.

Effective 15/FA quarter, MCC's refund policy will be a full refund until 2/11th of the course sections have met. Students also will not receive a withdraw (W) on their transcript through this time period.

After 2/11th of the sections have met, no refund will be given and a withdraw (W) from the course will be reflected on their transcript.


Students are classified by residence for the purposes of assessing tuition. Students may, however, contact Enrollment Services with regard to questions concerning his/her residency classification.

Nebraska Residents - A student qualifies to register for resident tuition rates at Metropolitan Community College if he or she is not an international student or dependent with an F status and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Has a Nebraska mailing address (PO Box not acceptable).
  • Is a minor whose parents or legal guardian have a Nebraska mailing address (PO Box not acceptable).
  • Is married to a spouse who has a Nebraska mailing address (PO Box not acceptable).
  • Has attended or graduated from a Nebraska secondary school during the school year immediately prior to registration at MCC.

Non-Nebraska Residents - An individual who does not qualify for the resident tuition rate is considered a non-resident and his/her assessed tuition is according to the non-resident schedule.

How to Make Payments

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