Lisa Beth Allen

El Prado, NM

Solomon’s Blade

Candice Benge

San Francisco, CA

The Egg Play

Hilary Bettis

Brooklyn, NY


Tim Blough

Portland, OR

A Change of Plans

Kristen D. Boers

Albuquerque, NM

Four Days in the Delta

Robin Buckallew

Hastings, NE

There Is No Woman

Emily Daly

Astoria, NY

Death on Roller Skates

Michael Erickson

St Louis, MO

Honor Student

Jason Aaron Goldberg

Los Angeles, CA

The Confessions of Deacon Jim

Paul Cameron Hardy

Brooklyn, NY


Stacey Isom

Cleveland, TN

On the 8’s


Drew Katzman

Van Nuys, CA

Dancing Turbo Chess Masters of the Universe

Robert Kerr

Brooklyn, NY

End Times

Robin Rice Lichtig

New York, NY

Alice in Black and White

Paullette MacDougal

Austin, TX

Sisters Under the Skin

Liz Maestri

Washington, D.C.


Jennifer Maisel

Los Angeles, CA


Katie May

San Francisco, CA

Black Sheep Gospel

Clark Morrow

Kansas City, MO

The War Room

Robert Lawrence Nelson

Los Angeles, CA

Sweet Pea’s Mama

Michael Oatman

Shaker Heights, OH

The King of Cage Street

Kristian O'Hare

San Francisco, CA

Like Poetry

Erin Phillips

Glendale, CA

The Highway Play

David Robson

Wilmington, DE


Donna Salli

Brainerd, MN

The Rock Farm

Ellsworth Schave

Pflugerville, TX

The Turquoise Pontiac

Levi Smith

Iowa City, IA

Sister Thimble

Gwydion Suilebhan

Silver Spring, MD

The Butcher

Kit Williamson

Los Angeles, CA

The Gin Dialogues

Richard Zinober

Moorhead, MN