Murphi Cook

Pittsburgh, PA

Murphi Cook currently lives out of a suitcase as she premieres five new plays in five different cities over the course of 555 days with her two man puppet band, Miniature Curiosa. Other Miniature Curiosa spectacles include Moon City: An Ahistoric Tale regarding A Historic Man in a Florida Swamp, Tonight A Clown Will Travel Time, The Luna Park Project, and Puppet Photo Booth. She also writes plays that she does not star in: Diablerie (Carnegie Mellon New Works Series), Blood Red Sky (Theatre Masters), Sea Wife (Last Frontier Theatre Festival), Hole in the Head (Great Plains Theatre Festival, University of Connecticut), and Nothing Says Happy Like (Strike 38 Productions). Murphi holds an M.F.A in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

Birds of America

Dr. Douglas Irene is here to present his lecture entitled, Birds of America, A Brief history of The Birds of America, created by Dr. Douglas Irene. Please do not confuse this with a similarly titled body of work by a certain Audubon, for this lecture is filled with anecdotes and photographs of birds from Dr. Irene’s personal collection. Don’t mind the woman in the photos. That’s merely Margaret, Dr. Douglas Irene’s wife. Douglas and Margaret used to live in a house at the top of a lonely cliff against the soundtrack of a raging sea. Despite their distance from the rest of the world, Margaret never could escape the watchful eye of those birds of America. Poor Margaret



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