Jennie Webb

Los Angeles, CA

Jennie Webb is an independent Los Angeles playwright, currently in residence at Rogue Machine Theatre (where her dark retail comedy Yard Sale Signs premiered) and Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum (where she runs workshops and Botanicum Seedlings: A Development Series for Playwrights). Her plays, including Remodeling Plans, Unclaimed Assets, GreenHouse, On Tuesday, It’s Not About Race, Color Separation and Buying a House, have been produced in Los Angeles (most recently at Theatre of NOTE and Santa Monica Rep.), on stages across the country and internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She’s worked with programs including The Playwright Center’s PlayLabs, LBDI’s Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project and the Virginia Avenue Project, and is published by Heinemann Press and ICWP. She is a member of The Playwrights Union, EST/LA’s Playwrights Unit, Fell Swoop Playwrights and co-founder of the LA Female Playwrights Initiative (LA FPI). More at jenniewebbsite.com + @jenniewebbsite.

Crazy Bitch

Crazy Bitch is play about genealogy and jellyfish and rogue taxidermy. In a world where unbelievable brutality happens, every day, three women in Los Angeles find themselves suspended between the extraordinary and real life expectations. After Eva, a respected scientist, is savagely attacked late at night when walking in LA, the women in her life—her ex-lover, her sister and her cousin—try to assemble a picture they can live with: of the events surrounding Eva’s attack, of the nature of Eva’s work with the immortal jellyfish, and of their future, where “forever” may be a real possibility and evil really exists. Sure, life must go on. But in this particular corner of Los Angeles, what happens next? Can a wild taxidermied creation breathe new life into tragedy? Can genealogy research create connections that really matter? And what if Eva never recovers? Who’ll take care of the high maintenance, Cheetos-eating, drama-queen Jellyfish, then?



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