James Christy

Princeton, NJ

James’ full length plays include: Love and Communication, Playpenn Playwrights conference, July 2010, produced by Passage Theatre in October 2010; winner, 2011 Barrymore award; Egyptian Song, selected for 2011 National New Play Network; Never Tell, produced by Broken Watch Theatre Company, August 2006, published by Playscripts Inc., April 2007; Put Them Away, Finalist for William Paterson Playwrights Contest, February 2014; A Great War, Phoenix New Works Conference, July 2010, finalist Julie Harris Award 2012. Dissent, won the 2013 20/20 Commission from Interact Theatre. At Liberty Hall was commissioned by Premiere Stages and will be produced November 2014. Short plays include Creep, winner, Heideman Award for best short play in 2001.

Egyptian Song

A young girl in rural Egypt in the 1920s gains a following as a singer, dressed as a boy to avoid controversy. As her fame grows, her twin brother and the conservative young man she’s been promised to marry try to stop her from singing. Inspired by the childhood of the famed Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum, Egyptian song examines a complex social and religious dynamic through the lens of a young family



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