Michael Yichao

Burbank, CA

Michael Yichao is a writer and actor living in LA. He is a staff writer on a Chinese sitcom, a creative writer for Rhetroactive, a themed entertainment design company, and runs his own improv troupe Tall Grande Venti which recently won the National College Improv Tournament hosted in Chicago. Yichao’s plays have received recognition from the Kennedy Center and Association of Theater in Higher Education, have been semi-finalists for the National Playwright’s Conference, and have been presented at Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Great Plains Theatre Conference, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bath Fringe Festival, Boston College’s Arts Festival, and at theaters in California and Arizona. Yichao holds an MFA from CalArts and a BA in English and Theater from ASU. He is also an alum of the National Theatre Institute at O’Neill Theater. Goose, the play featured in the PlayLab, was first written at the Orchard Project where Yichao was a full scholarship fellow of the Core Company Summer 2012. Yichao is a proud member of the Dramatist’s Guild, and Playwright’s Center.


It’s Dallin’s 13th birthday – and no one’s shown up to his birthday party. Left to his own devices, Dallin travels through time and space, memories and dreams on a search for the meaning of getting older, encountering help from an unlikely friend along the way.



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