Jessica Lewis

Brooklyn, NY

Jessica Lewis created Those___Daughters for the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival, developed her short plays Woman Connected to Button and Cashing In at Intar Theatre and presented work at Truffle Theatre Company and St. Francisville Transitory Theatre. She received the Rita and Burton Goldberg Play Award for What I Learned About Myself Secondhand, which explores multi-cultural identity and what it means to be “white”. Jessica recently co-produced her play Man and Coconut at IRT Theater. She is Artistic and International Programs Associate at TCG and graduated from NYU’s MFA program in Dramatic Writing.

Knock Off

Knock off is the story of writers stuck in a cycle of unhealthy, loveless relationships. Deb is a late‐career playwriting professor and longtime friend of Tom Stephens, a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and Hollywood actor, with a nasty habit of stealing his ideas from the works of lesser, unaccomplished writers. Sarah is a promising young writer in an ambiguous, friends‐with‐benefits relationship with Chris, another young writer. Sarah is writing a play in Deb’s class to confront the abuse she experienced growing up but is having a difficult time expressing these experiences in a satisfying way. When Deb passes along Sarah’s flawed script to Tom in exchange for depraved, sexual favors, she doesn’t quite realize the emotional repercussions for everyone involved.



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