Dan Giles

Pittsburgh, PA

Dan Giles’s plays include CryHurtFood (A.R.T.’s Phyllis Anderson Prize, International Student Drama Festival) and Sea Change (Great Plains Theatre Conference PlayLab). A Massachusetts native and a recent graduate of Harvard College, he is currently an MFA candidate studying with Rob Handel at Carnegie Mellon.

Sea Change

A woman tries to convince her dead husband that he is not dead. A poet wonders whether finding his muse is worth losing his best friend. A writer claims her rival’s story in order to steal his heart. When Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, loses her husband, the brilliant Percy Bysshe Shelley, to an untimely death, she brings her memories of their shared past back to life in hopes of fixing what went wrong. Mary believes that if she resurrects her lost love, she can reclaim him. But her creation has other plans. A love story inside a horror story that features original music, dance, and puppetry, Sea Change explores the invention of modern love and the birth of a modern monster



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