Michael Tooher

Portland, ME

Full length works include The Tree of the Methodists, (2013 Winner, Cambridge School at Weston Playwriting Prize.) The Waiting Room, and Hangman. His full length comedy, Iceland, was a featured play in Penobscot Theatre’s 2012 Northern Writes Festival, was named best play from Maine in Portland Stage’s 2010 Clauder Competition and was a featured play in the 2011 Maine Playwright’s Festival. It was first produced by Broom Street Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin in 2012. In August of 2013 he returned to BST for a full production of his black comedy The Waiting Room. His tragedy, The Perfect Sameness of Our Days, won the 2012 Hidden River Arts Playwriting Award and was read at the 2013 Shubin Festival in Philadelphia. Michael is the Executive Director for the 2014 Maine Playwrights Festival. (www.maineplaywrightsfestival.org) He lives in Portland, Maine with the one wife, one son and three outrageously spoiled cats.

The Perfect Sameness of Our Days

The SOLDIER has come to a deserted urban lot where he waits for an enemy that will never arrive. Soon a GARDENER enters to care for the wizen old tree there. Believing him his enemy, the SOLDIER takes the GARDENER prisoner. As the GARDENER tries to help the troubled young SOLDIER he finds himself reliving his experience of war and the tragedy that befell his family. Gradually it is revealed that the GARDENER is as deeply wounded as the SOLDIER. Finally, overwhelmed with hopelessness and shame, both men decide to commit suicide together. Only the timely intervention of the police and family members prevent them from succeeding in their last desperate act. In the end we realize that this is not the first time they have met. They seek each other out constantly to perform this psychodrama, each apparently receiving some small unknowable amount of comfort from their deadly ritual.



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