Tira Palmquist

Irvine, CA

Tira Palmquist’s plays include Two Degrees, Ten Mile Lake, Age of Bees, And Then They Fell, and others. And Then They Fell was workshopped at the University of Massachussetts New Play Lab in April 2014. Ten Mile Lake, which will premiere this summer at Serenbe Playhouse just outside of Atlanta, Ga., was developed and workshopped in 2012 at the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference. In November of 2012, Age of Bees premiered at MadLab Theater (Best Original Work by the Other Papers “Best of 2012” list), and will be in the 2015 season at Tesseract Theater in St. Louis. Her work has been developed by 9Thirty Theater, Theater of Note, EST-LA, Seven Devils and Inkwell Theater, and her short plays have been performed both nationally and internationally. She is a member of the EST-LA’s Playwrights Unit and is a Co-Executive Producer of Fell Swoop Playwrights.

Two Degrees

Emma Phelps is a climate scientist, focusing on ice in Greenland. She sees first-hand what we have wrought in terms of climate change, and until now all she can think to do is continue to study, to amass data, to publish. She’s also a recent widow, and, until now... all she can do is study, to amass data, to publish. Now she’s been asked to come to Washington D.C. to testify in a Senate Committee regarding climate change legislation, and she finds more than just a little is breaking up under the strain of change.



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