Eva Suter

Austin, TX

Eva Suter is a Northwest based playwright and poet and current MFA candidate through the Michener Center at the University of Texas at Austin. As a founding member of Portland’s The Working Theatre Collective she directed, wrote, and performed as a cabaret host or bicycle-riding-mustached villain. In Austin Eva’s work has ranged from haunted shopping malls, to action-movies-for-the-stage, to plays about science, sisters, and rethinks on Othello. Medusa, A Perfectly Normal Girl was awarded the Portland Drammy for best new play in Spring 2011. In January 2013 she was awarded the Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship in Drama. And in Spring of 2014 she was a participant in the Theater Masters short play conference. Her work has appeared throughout the Northwest, at one East Coast bible college, and as far flung as the UK and Japan.

We Only Go Home in Retrograde

In some fairly recent summer, an unusual meteor shower impacts the earth. A mother sends her daughter to see her estranged father and half brother. Human and heavenly bodies have a tendency to move in orbit. Edgar makes do while his own history keeps resurfacing. Juniper and Benjamin cope with the failures of their parents by finding each other. Gravity and magnetism have effect on all matter—the forces of the universe have their influence on all of us.



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