A Free Festival of Contemporary Performance
Tuesday, May 27 | Wednesday, May 28 | Friday, May 30

PlayFest is free and open to the public.
All performances begin at 7:30 p.m.
No reservations required!
Seating is limited. Please arrive early!
Questions call 402-457-2618

PlayFest is a free theatre festival featuring new and devised work by local and national artists and a celebration of local music, art, stories and community. Come kick off a golden summer on the plains with these three great nights.

Tuesday, May 27th, 7:30pm

  • Performed by ætherplough

  • 11th and Jones in the Old Market

Ignore your operating instructions and find the flow. Embark on a fantastically fluid voyage as our local pathfinders of contemporary performance – ætherplough – collaborate with Jeanette Plourde, a NYC-based creator of experimental worlds. This intrepid ensemble dives deep into the churn to create a new, site-specific event in the vast, light filled cavern of KANEKO’s newly opened second floor – where the former Fairmont Creamery warehouse gives rise to a fluxion of bodies, space and time.




  • Polly Hidalgo, Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Mark Krejci, Technical Director
  • Liz Kendall, Site Coordinator
  • Heather Quenelle, Assistant Site Coordinator
  • Melissa Carnahan, Stage Manager
  • Johann LeClerc, Props and Set Design
  • Richard Corum, Assistant Technical Director
  • Jordan Brown, Assistant Technical Director


The Malcolm X Center

Wednesday, May 28th, 7:30pm

  • Voices at the Center - a part of the Neighborhood Tapestries Project
  • Playwright: Kia Corthron

  • Malcolm X Foundation
  • 3448 Evans Street
  • *In the event of rain, the performance will be held May 29th.

An evening of extraordinary voices rising into the night on the terraces of the Malcolm X Center in the heart of North Omaha. On a hill overlooking the city we will explore the many voices of the community. The untold stories of strength and weakness, of the oppressed and the oppressor, of workers, fighters, healers and lovers.

Spend an evening with a group of North Omaha’s most powerful spoken word artists and musicians who will be joined by internationally renowned playwright Kia Corthron, performing her own work under the stars. An open conversation with all will follow the performance.


Local Artists and Performers

  • Greg Bowie, Performer
  • Devil Crisp, Performer
  • Carlos Ennis, Senic Designer
  • Gabriella Gaines-Liwaru, Senic Painter
  • Monica Ghali, Performer
  • TammyRa, Performer
  • Edem Kegey, Performer
  • Jonny Knogood, Performer
  • Leo Louis, II, Performer
  • LP (Lite Pole), Performer
  • Zedeka Poindexter, Performer
  • Michelle Troxclair, Performer
  • Felicia Webster, Performer


  • Polly Hidalgo, Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Mark Krejci, Site Coordinator and Technical Director
  • Jordan Brown, Assistant Technical Director
  • Richard Corum, Assistant Technical Director
  • Lara Marsh, Stage Manager
  • Jackson Taylor, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Craig Marsh, Sound

Friday, May 30th, 7:30 pm

  • Wood Music
  • Written by: Jack Frederick and John Gasper of the St. Fortune Collective

  • Florence Mill
  • 9102 N 30th Street

Something incredible is happening at the Florence Mill. No one knows what exactly. Perhaps time has folded itself into a stack, like pancakes on Sunday morning, or maybe it’s more like a spinning auger overfull with grains spilling everywhere. At any rate, people from several centuries have begun gathering there. They are holding hands and dancing until sweat runs down their bodies while speaking aloud of dreams and desires. The music of it all is uncannily joyful. Get down here before the media hears about it and it all disappears. As we well know – everything disappears…doesn’t it?





  • Aaron Markley
  • Daniel Ocanto
  • Anna McClellan

  • Hoedown entertainment: River City String Band
  • Burlesque performance:


  • Jordan Brown, Assistant Technical Director
  • Polly Hidalgo, Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Mark Krejci, Technical Director
  • J.K. Rogers, Site Coordinator
  • Maggie Smith, Stage Manager, Costumes and Props
  • GPTC Design Wing, Lighting Design

The Florence Mill