Tiffany Antone

Waco, TX

Twigs and Bone

Claudia Barnett

Lascassas, TN

Witches Vanish

Anne Bertram

Minneapolis, MN

The Good Fight

James Christy

Princeton, NJ

Egyptian Song

Murphi Cook

Pittsburgh, PA

Birds of America

Nancy Cooper Frank

San Francisco, CA

Daniil Kharms: A Life in One Act and Several Dozen Eggs

Jennifer Faletto

Boulder, CO

Bathroom Hate

Lindsey Ferrentino

Brooklyn, NY

Ugly Lies the Bone

Dan Giles

Pittsburgh, PA

Sea Change

Jessica Lewis

Brooklyn, NY

Knock Off

Bonnie Metzgar

Chicago, IL

You Lost Me

Tira Palmquist

Irvine, CA

Two Degrees

Robert Plowman

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Route 19 Roadside Choir Of Dead Babies Invites You To Visit "The Fountain of Youth" Museum & Gift Shop

Dean Poynor

New York, NY

Together We are Making A Poem In Honor Of Life

Cecelia Raker

Brighton, MA


Amy Schleunes

Granada, Nicaragua

IHOP Is No Rent-A-Center

Jordan Seavey

Brooklyn, NY

The Third Thing

Celine Song

Brooklyn, NY

The Feast

Eva Suter

Austin, TX

We Only Go Home in Retrograde

Michael Tooher

Portland, ME

The Perfect Sameness of Our Days

Evan Twohy

Brooklyn, NY


Jennie Webb

Los Angeles, CA

Crazy Bitch

Nia Witherspoon

Tallahassee, FL

The Messiah Complex

Michael Yichao

Burbank, CA