I cannot begin to tell you what a tremendous shot in the arm the GPTC was for me.

I can't believe what an honor it was for me to be there. The response to my play, of course, was the best part about the trip. People really got it, felt for it and gave me amazing feedback. I am so happy and grateful that you have organized and cultivated this epic undertaking that is GPTC.

People have been asking me how Omaha was since I've been back in NYC and I've literally been just saying "It was a life-altering experience."

So thank you thank you thank you.

Until next year!!

Sara Farrington (Asselin)

PlayLab Playwright

What an impressive Conference this was!

This was one of the best organized, carefully planned and well executed Conferences I've ever attended. I'm still astonished at the breadth and depth of the Workshops and the excellence of the plays, not to mention the kindness and thoughtfulness of all the people involved. I will happily submit again next year and would thrilled to be able to attend again. My deepest thanks to all who made this possible.

Bob Barr

PlayLab Playwright

Wow. You are all doing incredible work on this conference. This is a remarkable lineup of diverse real-world activities. It should induce the euphoria of theatrical sensory overload for every attendee. It is an honor to be involved in this conference. You are taking GPTC to a new level.

D. Scott Glasser

Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Theatre

University of Nebraska

PlayFest Director

Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for the hard work you and your colleagues put into arranging the Great Plains Theater Conference this year. I was thrilled to be able to attend, and am grateful to everything you, your staff, and the lovely Ellen Struve did to make it possible.

I was really thrilled by the talent and camaraderie of the Nebraska theater folks. The dedication of those who worked so hard on the one-shot performances of Fortinbras and A Walk in the Woods staggered me. It was wonderful to get to meet all these people and see you working together across many boundaries--academic, professional, community theater makers, people of different ages, races, and aesthetic tendencies all collaborating to welcome playwrights from beyond Omaha and to make the conference happen.

I appreciated some of the folks you brought in from the larger world as well--Mac Wellman's courage and precision during the feedback process, Tom Riccio's Subliminal workshop (which gave a much needed reminder of the creative depths from which my plays emerge), and Sibyl Kempton's refreshing openness and energy. And I made so many connections among playwrights from all over the country--some just brief thoughtful exchanges, others I think may develop into lifelong friendships.

Thank you again for your dedication to playwrights and for your effort in making this happen.

all the best,

Monica Raymond

PlayLab Playwright

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