2011 Great Plains Theatre Conference Feedback

Dear Kevin,

At the close of a whirlwind week of inspiration, stimulation, and education, we are happily exhausted, yet invigorated by the creative catalysts we've encountered at GPTC. How do we begin to thank you for the incredibly fertile environment you created in Omaha? And, how do we begin to express our gratitude for including us in the 2011 PlayLabs?

We are indebted to you for allowing us the space and time to create, create, create.

We are also very proud to tell you that GPTC inspired us to write feverishly into the wee hours of the morning, throughout the week. That has resulted in a nearly complete first draft of Act 1 of our next project! You and the space GPTC created helped to midwife this project. Again, we thank you.

Kevin, please extend our heartfelt gratitude to Scott, Kay, Katie (and her army of interns and volunteers) for making our stay at GPTC secure, smooth, and comfortable. Also, please extend our appreciation to the generous donors and benefactors, who from year to year, ensure that GPTC continues to foster and nurture playwrights, with special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Simon and the Holland Family. We would also like to particularly extend our gratitude to several of the donors whom we had the pleasure to meet at the Le Chat Noir reception: Todd and Betiana Simon; Paul and Annette Smith; and Rick and Carol Russell.

We look forward to supporting GPTC in any way we may, and to heralding this most unique and supportive artistic community of Omaha. Until we meet again, we are Sincerely and most gratefully yours,

Kara Revel & Sherry Bokser

PlayLab Playwrights

"I'm currently a graduate student studying theatre and I firmly believe that GPTC has been a vital part of my educational experience – participating in the conference has helped me grow as an actor, writer and teacher. The opportunities that GPTC gives to young artists are unparalleled in the Midwest. Perhaps most importantly, GPTC has helped me become a more confident, creative and dynamic member of the Omaha theatre community. Each year, my experiences at GPTC remind me of why I fell in love with the theatre in the first place."

- GPTC Actor

“I love working it; and theatre is my profession; it’s invaluable to my career and the community”

– GPTC technician

"…I am amazed by the citizens of Omaha, both the artists, academics, and sponsors who are so engaged in the contemporary theatre scene. This community may certainly be considered a model for theatre in the 21st century." - GPTC Participant

"Every year my love and commitment to theatre is rejuvenated by attending GPTC. Seeing new scripts and voices emerge gives me confidence in our future, and this year especially I left with a high that stayed with me long after the conference was over".

-GPTC Actor

“The GPTC is a terrific “meeting in the middle of the middle of the country” for theatre professionals and aspiring professionals from all over. I’ve never felt so welcomed by an event that is at the same time stimulating and challenging” - GPTC Playwright

"It's the best part of my theatrical year, every year. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

- GPTC Director

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