The Great Plains Theatre Conference is doing important work, and doing it extremely well. It's important to gather the nation's public story tellers together to hone their craft and feed their spirit. It's important because artists, in this case playwrights, tell stories that reflect portraits of society back to itself. It's important because as a society, we make mistakes, sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic, and seeing ourselves through an artist's lens helps us correct our course. We need every voice and we always will. GPTC does a fantastic job of nurturing artists. It does an excellent job of choosing artists who have a sincere intention about their job as artists. I have never before been to a conference where the quality of work was so high. GPTC does an excellent job of nurturing writers once they arrive in Omaha. The schedule is rigorous and diverse. The play reading moderators are compassionate and honest and provide a safe space in which to explore new work. The teachers are top notch and the workshops inspirational. The performances represent the best contemporary work going and through it all, all ten days of companionship and challenge and growth, we were gloriously well fed.


I have come away inspired and ready to work, filled with happy memories and fresh insights and I am grateful to the the good people of Omaha and to the hard working and open hearted staff of the MCC and everyone associated with The Great Plains Theatre Conference. You did something big and important, and you did it with ease and grace. I am forever in your debt.


Henry Murray, MainStage Playwright


The GPTC is rapidly becoming one of the most important clearinghouses, and way-stations for serious theatre-makers from all over the country.  The folks in Omaha on to something very important, and the dialogue engendered there is of the highest order!

Mac Wellman, Featured Playwright

I have been fortunate to have had four plays read at the conference over the past years.  Each time the experience has been richer and more rewarding, as the level of response and the numbers of colleagues increases.  I have consistently come away with new insights into the piece I am working on, as well as many new and important professional contacts.  But the best, for me, is gathering with other writers and sharing our stories, our lives, our experiences, and our survival strategies.   Writing, as they say with some truth, is a lonely occupation.  It's wonderful to find one is not always alone.


David Rush, MainStage Playwright

Great Plains Theatre Conference was one of the best development experiences I've had! Not to mention the amazing people I was surrounded by all week. This conference is on its way to being one of the best in the country. It was an honor and privilege to be there. And I will definitely submit all my future plays!

Hilary Bettis, PlayLab Playwright


The GPTC was a terrific experience, run by a group of passionate and dedicated theatre professionals. THE WAR ROOM was one of 35 plays selected from over 640 submissions by playwrights from 47 states. A mixed audience of theatre pros, both local and national, along with other interested guests, attended the readings. Each playwright received notes and feedback from the audience and from a three-person panel that included a dramaturg. Beyond the reading itself, the eight days on site allowed us to get to know many of the other playwrights and actors and other attendees. I can't say enough good things about this conference.

Clark Morrow, PlayLab Playwright


The Great Plains Theatre Conference is the most amazing conference I’ve been to—and I’ve been writing, and attending conferences, for over thirty years.  I’m new at writing plays and was one of the fortunate group who had a play presented as a staged reading.  The GPTC experience changed me.  I’m more savvy and more confident as a playwright.  I received feedback on my since-revised script and learned things in workshops that helped me take my play to a richer, more powerful, more universal place.  There are so many images in my head from the week:  the historic, red brick buildings of campus, the quiet expanse of the old military parade ground in the middle of it, the modern and technologically equipped conference center, the faces.  At GPTC, I wasn’t just a script—I was a person.  The level of care, support, and friendship was extraordinary.  This sounds like hyperbole.  It’s not.  It’s sincere praise.  I intend to go back to GPTC, if I can manage it.  Something great is happening in Omaha with theatre, and so many deserve recognition—the GPTC staff and volunteers, the community college, the funding sources both public and private.  Thank you for GPTC.


Donna Salli, PlayLab Playwright


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