I made some great new friends and I saw some spectacular plays, some of which I'm going to recommend to theaters here in Boston.  Your wonderful festival is a great place for artistic directors to see a whole slew of plays done well, so I feel very lucky.  And your theatre community is so gifted!  I was thoroughly in awe of all the talent I saw which is as good as any I have seen anywhere.

  • Kate Snodgrass, Featured Playwright

Boston, MA  


From the enthusiastic performances and thoughtful, nurturing feedback at each reading to the mind-stretching workshops and on-the-fly collaborations with other theatre artists, the GPTC was a watershed moment for me as a playwright.  I anticipate an evolutionary leap forward as the full impact of the conference settles into my writing practice.

Each day was full of spirited conversations with witty, articulate people from all over the country who were united in their love of the written and performed word. We developed friendships that will likely continue for years to come.  I no longer feel like a lone playwright adrift at sea.


The conference was expertly (and almost magically) managed from sunup to sundown, allowing the participants to be in and of the moment.  I’ve never before had this sort of opportunity to let the day-to-day worries and responsibilities of my life go and just concentrate on something I love.  I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the people who make the GPTC happen. Thank you.

  • Crystal Jackson, PlayLab Playwright
Houston, TX


The quality of the plays is so high! After seeing some of my fellow playwright's work, I was not only inspired, but truly proud to be included in their company.  My collaborators and I worked very hard in the week we were there, refining, cutting, working on the text with our dramaturg,  accepting critiques and incorporating suggestions from the other Playlab participants. We left with a much sharper, better crafted play.  I am forever grateful for a place to work, to fail, to succeed.  My time at GPTC was very important to the life of my play. Thank you.

  • Diana Burbano, PlayLab Playwright

Long Beach, CA















The most appealing thing of all about the GPTC is the response to Omaha of first-time attendees. Each year, they are blown away by the beauty of the Fort Omaha Campus; by the city of Omaha and what it has to offer; by the caliber of local actors/directors; by the arts community, in general; by the distinction of their fellow creatives; and by the smooth and professional manner in which the Conference is organized.  The pride I feel in Omaha rises 100 fold each time I encounter someone whose expectations have been completely turned upside down and around.  What the conference does for the perception of the city of Omaha is of inestimable value.

  • Michele Phillips,  MainStage Director

Omaha, NE


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