2013 Great Plains Theatre Conference Feedback

The GPTC 2013 was a wonderful opportunity to share exciting new plays with colleagues from around the country.  It was inspiring to see so many talented people dedicated to the health and vibrancy of new plays. The GPTC makes a real and tangible contribution to the future of the American theatre by introducing audiences to new voices and supporting playwrights as they shape the future of our art. New colleagues are made, new stories are told, and social capital is openly shared.  It was a delight to spend time in such a warm and safe environment in Omaha.  I will recommend this conference to my colleagues and students. 

  • Timothy Troy, PlayLab Playwright

Milwaukee, WI



Thank you so much for a very exciting and well run conference!  I feel so privileged to have been invited and truly inspired by all the talented playwrights and theatre artists in attendance.

  • Joslyn Housley-McLaughlin, PlayLab Playwright

Brooklyn, NY


I am so grateful to be included in your awesome project. You take very good care of people, and the community you've gathered around you is clearly committed (smitten!).  Its wonderful to reconnect with colleagues, and to make new connections with a wildly eclectic array of artists


Thanks, and congrats!


  • Erik Ehn, Featured Playwright

Providence, RI


This conference was an amazing experience.  Far away from my regular life, I was able to focus on my playwriting and be fully immersed in my craft with many smart, insightful colleagues who became friends. Having this kind of dedicated time was instrumental for networking, getting exposure to other work, and working with accomplished playwrights. This is the first national attention my script has received and it was wonderful to hear reactions and feedback from people with different backgrounds.  I had no idea what to expect when I went to Omaha for this conference but it exceeded any expectations I might have had. The warm local community mixed with the conference itself will be remembered for years to come.

  • Elana Gartner, PlayLab Playwright

Brooklyn, NY


From the first moment to the last, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The incredible accommodations and meals were just the tip of the iceberg. It was the generosity of spirit from every single person on staff, as well as the invited guests and participants that truly blew me away.  Everyone was kind, smart, funny and supportive of each other, which raised the level of the experience exponentially. I found myself inspired and uplifted around the clock by other people’s creativity and passion. I made real and deep friendships, as well as professional relationships that may lead to future collaborations.

Oh yes, the sum of the parts is roughly 10,000 times what I would’ve expected from a week-long conference in the Heartland. Now I know why they call it that: the good people of Nebraska and the driving forces behind the amazing GPTC have so much heart, and are forever in mine. Simply breath-taking… I feel as though I’ve been ‘art healed’.

  • Lisa Halpern, PlayLab Playwright

Seattle, WA

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