Fort Omaha History

Tucked away minutes from the North Freeway to the south and I-680 to the north is the historic Fort Omaha Campus on 30th and Fort streets, an instructional facility with 82,000 square feet of modern classroom, lab and student-dedicated space which opened in 1984. Obtained from the federal government in 1975, the campus is the oldest of the college system and serves as the second highest attendance site for students.

The majority of administrative and maintenance staff provide area-wide services from this location. The campus sits on 73 acres of land and contains 32 buildings, which encompass 377,701 square feet of space.

The buildings and grounds are maintained in the original 19th century architectural theme, yet the classrooms and offices have been upgraded to accommodate new technology and educational needs of the 21st century. A foodservice facility offers dining services to staff and students and on-the-job training to Culinary Arts and Management students.

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