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Theatre of the Oppressed: Forum Theatre and Image Theatre


Doug Paterson has been active in local, national, and global Theatre and Social Justice for over thirty-five years. He has taught in UNO Theatre for over thirty yeas, and has also be active in Occupy Omaha for three months.


Beginning this Thursday, February 23rd, Doug will offer three Thursday workshops on Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. They are FREE to anyone.


T.O. is designed to turn the tools of theatre entirely over to the community. The approach works for people who have never been in a play, and in fact have never been in a theater. It also works for those with much experience.


The central concern is overcoming oppression, but having a wonderful time learning how to do it! The workshops are very active and wonderfully entertaining.


The workshops will take place beneath the Ana Mead Hall at the Omaha First United Methodist Church, @ 70th and Cass, just north of the Omaha Community Playhouse. (Map included in this announcement.) A stairway to the area is easily accessible at the southwest corner of the Church complex, the corner closest to the Crossroads Parking Lot.


Workshops begin at 6:30 PM this Thursday and conclude at 9:30 PM. It is recommended participants arrive around 10 minutes early (6:20 PM) so we can start on time. If truly necessary, participants can leave a little early.


Two more workshops will be given on Thursday March 1st and 8th, same time and place. It is not necessary to go to all workshops.


For more information, contact Doug at: 402 – 672 – 8377 Or: