PlayFest 2012

Sunday, May 27 - Friday, June 1


YOU'RE LOOKING GOOD! is a site-specific workshop wherein a group of artists, working together for eight days have come up with an assembly of text, movement and design all in relation to the place of performance. It is an ensemble piece conceived and directed by Jeanette Plourde in collaboration with all the performers and designers involved. YOU'RE LOOKING GOOD! will explore our perceived place in the universe as grasped from the roof of a parking garage. It is an attempt to consider making theatre from formal ways, allowing text and narrative to emerge from the situation, rather than the other way around. It is also a chance to encounter performance on different terms using space, language and story in refreshing, innovative combinations.

Location/Connection to Play
The top level of the Omaha Park Two lifts us high above the city to give us a new perspective of our home just as YOU'RE LOOKING GOOD! (cabin pressure) takes us out into space so that we might look at our world with new eyes.

Seatings: 200 (variable to 500)

Rain Location: One floor down, Omaha Park Two Parking Garage, 1313 Harney