PlayFest 2012

Sunday, May 27 - Friday, June 1


Inspired by Dostoyevsky's book Crime and Punishment, Raskol tells the story of a young student who commits a horrific crime under the influence of a dangerous idea—that there are extraordinary people who can commit crime without any fear of punishment. Raskol— in a post-crime delirium— meets Sonya, a religious whore, and Perfidy, a police investigator who befriends the student even as he suspects him of the crime. Set in a timeless world that is connected both to our contemporary times and to the 19th-century St. Petersburg of the novel, the play features songs set to an improvisational jazz "soundtrack".

Location/Connection to Play
The historic Burlington Train Station resonates with the ghosts of Omaha’s past and emits a feeling of crumbling civilizations so similar to the St. Petersburg in Raskol.

Seatings: 150 per night