PlayFest 2012

Sunday, May 27 - Friday, June 1


In the backyard of a Chicago two-flat on the 4th of July, three intelligent and liberal couples engage in what begins as friendly conversation, but soon evolves into a heated debate about the pros and cons of starting a family. Jasper and Melinda are considering having a baby, Dan and Windsong are enthusiastically expectant and Tom and Karen have opted not to have children. As the innocuous barbeque turns into an ideological confrontation, each couple must ask themselves how much the crowd they're in with determines the course of their lives.

Location/Connection to Play
In an outdoor performance at the new Union for Contemporary Art which is helping north Omaha build its vibrant future, the characters of The Crowd You’re in With struggle with each other to discover what direction their future might take.

Seatings: 175