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Metropolitan Community College Grants Office

MCC Hub for Entrepreneurial Grant Seeking

Our mission is to help MCC faculty and staff turn innovative ideas into workable projects and fundable proposals

The MCC Grants Office is here to support faculty and staff success in obtaining funds from external sources for projects that achieve and advance the College’s mission and strategic initiatives.

The MCC Grants Office provides the MCC community guidance and resources for the preparation and submission of proposals (Grant Development), as well as assistance in the administration of awarded grants and contracts (Grant Management).


Grant Development

Grant Management

Meet with faculty and staff to share information about potential funding sources

Develop project concept and
coordinate institutional approval

Identify internal and external partnerships

Clarify grant guidance and
assist in proposal preparation

Review and submit grant proposal

Coordinate grant award acceptance and notification to key staff

Facilitate orientation meeting to successfully kick-off grant-funded project

Monitor project progress and
provide ongoing support to grant managers

Communicate with funder

Maintain grant files and assist in reporting

MCC Staff & Faculty: Please join us for upcoming workshops to learn more about grants and the MCCF Inspiring Innovation Mini-Grant Program:

14/SE TRDV 229N 01 SYNONYM-227811      F OCT 3      8:30-10:00 A.M.     SOC-CON-250
14/SE TRDV 229N 02 SYNONYM-227812      F NOV 7     10:30A-NOON         SRP-122

To enroll, go to My Services (My Services on the portal at https://myway.mccneb.edu), or call Central Registration @ ext 8518 (402.457.5231).

Please Note:
Attending an activity during your scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval. It is your responsibility to obtain approval to attend a Training & Development event.


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