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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Begin

MCC faculty and staff continually generate ideas for enhancing the MCC student experience. When considering ideas for grant funded projects, faculty and staff are encouraged to discuss their ideas with others, build potential partnerships, and identify ways their ideas support the mission and priorities of MCC.

To officially begin the process of turning great ideas into fundable grant proposals, staff and faculty are encouraged to submit a Project Concept Form to the Grants Office‚ or just give us a call.

We will talk through the proposed concepts with you and together we will determine next steps. These steps often include brainstorming, research, collaborating with peers, planning with College administration and seeking industry and community partners. Once a plan is developed, the Grants Office works will work with you to identify potential funders and submit grant proposals.

How are Potential Funding Sources Identified?

It is important to create a strong match between a proposed project and funder priorities. First, Grants Office staff will consider whether new project ideas can be incorporated into grant proposals already in process. If there is not a match between a new proposal and grant work in progress, the Grants Office will work with staff and faculty to research and identify potential funding sources.

Grants Office staff continuously review funding opportunities from various federal, state and private sources. When the Grants Office identifies grant opportunities for review and approval by the Associate Vice President of Development. Once approved, the Grants Office electronically disseminates the funding announcement to appropriate staff and/or faculty to determine whether MCC will develop a proposal for this funding opportunity.

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How do I Request MCC Approval to Apply for a Grant?

Once proposed ideas are developed, the Grants Office will work with staff and/or faculty to complete a Proposal Overview Form. This form provides a concise project summary that is reviewed for approval at appropriate administrative levels. The form is also used as a tool for communication and coordination with MCC departments who have a stake in the planning and implementation, such as the Business Office and Facilities. All communications surrounding the Proposal Overview Form typically occur via email to facilitate efficient processing.

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How Do I Develop a Proposal?

Proposal development is typically a collaborative process, often with assistance from both the Grants and Finance Offices. These offices can assist in a variety of ways, from facilitating planning meetings with potential grant partners, to narrative writing, budget development and editing. The role of the Grants Office is to inform, support and empower faculty and staff in their development of skills for grant development, proposal submission and grant management. This includes providing templates, samples and other helpful resources. The Grants Office can also facilitate coordination with external partners and MCC offices, such as requesting letters of support and signatures from the President's office.

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How Do I Submit a Proposal to a Funder?

The Grants Office is ultimately responsible for the submission of all grant proposals, so this step must be coordinated with MCC faculty and staff. Because grant proposals require signatures and frequently necessitate multiple copies, timelines for grant writers must take these steps into consideration. The staff/faculty applicant is responsible for emailing an application draft to the Grants Office for review 10 business days prior to the submission due date. This allows the Grants Office time to coordinate with the Finance Office, suggest any necessary revisions, obtain the President's signature, make copies and submit the grant application in a timely fashion.

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How is Notice Given for Awards?

As MCC’s authorized representative, the President receives notification on grant approvals and denials. The Grants Office serves as a liaison between the President’s office and grant applicants, providing updates to applicants on the status of their proposals. If proposals are not funded, the Grants Office can assist faculty and staff with requests for additional feedback from grant reviewers and can support work to identify alternate funding sources.

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Once a Grant is Awarded, What Support Can the Grants Office Provide?

When a proposal is funded, the Grants Office will meet with staff/faculty to plan grant implementation. The Grant Office can help streamline start-up by providing forms, procedures, tips and other resources. The Grants Office can also help faculty and staff sort through grant requirements and facilitate the development of contracts, in coordination with other MCC departments. Successful applicants provide the Grants Office with copies of grant awards, notices to proceed, amendments and other similar correspondence from the grant source. This enables the Grants Office to serve as a clearinghouse for MCC grant activities, facilitating communication, documentation, coordination and resource sharing among complementary projects.

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What is the Role of the Project Coordinator?

MCC faculty, staff or contractors serve as coordinators of grant activities. They are responsible for the oversight and administration of the grant, including implementation, evaluation and reports.

  • Coordinate grant applications, including letters of support and other necessary attachments
  • Serve as primary point of contact between MCC and the funder
  • Operate as point of contact between MCC and any project contractors
  • Provide sufficient orientation to project staff to ensure grant compliance
  • Provide oversight for project implementation and evaluation
  • Convene and facilitate meetings with grant partners and contractors
  • Monitor project expenditures and budget, including allowable costs
  • Implement grant procedures consistent with MCC and funder requirements
  • Provide written quarterly updates to the Grants and Finance offices
  • Develop and submit timely reports to funders
  • Identify any needs for program or budget modifications, including project extensions
  • Notify Grants Office if significant changes occur with the project
  • Provide Grants Office with copies of the grants, reports and relevant correspondence

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What is the Role of the MCC Finance Office?

The role of the Finance Office is to support the Project Coordinator with budget development and fiscal management. The Project Coordinator has the ultimately responsibility for project fiscal oversight, while the role of the Finance Office is to provide information, reports and feedback supportive of compliance with MCC and grant requirements.

  • Establish cost centers and related codes
  • Monitor and determine allowable costs
  • Monitor project budget
  • Provide Project Coordinator and Grants Office with monthly listing of expenditures
  • Prepare and provide Project Coordinator with projections of expenditures
  • Prepare invoices for funders
  • Complete fiscal reports in collaboration with Project Coordinator
  • Assist with requests for budget modifications
  • Coordinate fiscal aspects of project closing

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What is the Role of the MCC Grants Office?

The role of the Grants Office is to support MCC faculty and staff in the development and administration of grant projects. Their role is to assist, while the role of the Project Coordinator is to lead.

  • Provide information on best practice, tools and resources for grant sourcing, development and administration
  • Develop and distribute summaries on grant opportunities
  • Facilitate meetings to develop grant proposals
  • Provide feedback and editing for draft of proposals and reports
  • Facilitate meetings for grant related contract, program or budget negotiations
  • Work with Project Coordinators to ensure compliance in grant implementation
  • Understand and support compliance with grant terms and conditions
  • Communicate changes in Grant Office policies, procedures, roles, resources
  • Provide consultative support to Project Coordinator, as needed
  • Develop and share templates for grant applications and forms for grant administration
  • Provide or arrange for orientation sessions on grant procedures, as needed
  • Secure President's signature and attachments related to MCC (Board, faculty/staff resumes, etc.)
  • Submit application to funding agency
  • Maintain MCC's official grant files

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